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The renovation of Shanghai Huijue intelligent street lights was successfully completed

In order to promote the development of the 5G industry, Shanghai Huijue and Fengxian District People’s Government have signed a strategic cooperation agreement on “urban big data, intelligent street lights, 5G base station industrialization investment” and so on.
The intelligent street light renovation takes Fengxian District Commercial Street and Daye Road as pilot projects. Shanghai Huijue will upgrade the old high-pressure sodium lamps, LED bulb lamps, energy-saving lamps, etc. The total length of the pilot road section is about three kilometers.



Before the reconstruction of the commercial street, under the background light pollution environment, the original light brightness effect was not very obvious.





We kept original road landscape style of Commercial Street, and upgrade the new lamp functions with energy saving, brightening, and uniformity.






Before the reconstruction of the Daye Highway section, the illumination was relatively dim, and there were obvious zebra patterns between the two street lights.




After the transformation, the zebra pattern disappeared, and brightened significantly.



At present, all street lights have been added to the single-light controller through internet, and enter the platform to achieve centralized control. It provides functions such as street lamp control, underground pipe network data collection, air quality inspection data collection, pedestrian and vehicle flow information collection, solid and waste steam emission information collection, river level, parking space monitoring and data collection, camera linkage. After the renovation, the energy-saving rate of Commercial Street and Daye Highway sections has increased significantly.

The pilot reconstruction of the road section was successfully completed. Shanghai Huijue will continue to contribute to the construction of Fengxian Smart City and contribute to the transformation of Fengxian’s traditional industries and urban digital Empower!