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[Cross-border Exchange for Collaborative Development] Syrian Deputy Minister of Electricity Visits China for Inspection and Exchange

With the robust growth of Huijue Networks and continuous innovation in research and development technology, our international market share has been steadily expanding, attracting numerous domestic and foreign customers for visits and inspections.


On September 22, 2023, Mr. Adham Baran Hashib, Deputy Minister of Electricity from Syria, and his delegation paid a special visit to our company for on-site inspection. Our company’s high-quality products and services, equipment, and technology, coupled with promising industry prospects, were key factors that attracted this visit. The company’s General Manager, Ms. Wu Xiaofang, and Deputy General Manager, Mr. Xu Feng, warmly welcomed our distant guests.

Mr. Xu provided a brief introduction to the company’s current products, technologies, and development status. Deputy Minister Adham Baran Hashib also explained the purpose of this visit and the products of interest. Ms. Wu personally led the delegation on a tour of the company’s showroom, with a focus on our energy storage products, such as photovoltaic energy storage equipment, household energy storage equipment, and wind-solar complementary outdoor integrated energy-saving cabinets, among other energy storage products. She also provided professional answers to the questions raised by the visitors.