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[Cross-Border Exchange for Collaborative Development] Ukrainian Customers Visit China for Inspection and Exchange

With the steady growth of Huijue Networks and continuous innovation in research and development technology, our international market share has been expanding, attracting numerous domestic and foreign customers for visits and inspections.


On the morning of September 22, 2023, customers from Ukraine visited our company for an on-site inspection. They were accompanied by our General Manager, Ms. Wu Xiaofang. During the visit, the customers had the opportunity to inspect our products, and they gave full recognition to our household energy storage products. They also raised a series of professional questions regarding new energy charging system products. Ms. Wu provided detailed answers to the questions, leaving a profound impression on the customers.

Subsequently, under the guidance of our Foreign Trade Director, Ms. Chen Jing, the customers visited our production base. They highly appreciated our company’s high-standard production operations and expressed their desire to further deepen cooperation and exchange.

Our company will take this opportunity to continue adhering to the principles of innovation, cooperation, and openness. We will persist in the path of innovation, focus on the practical needs of different industries, spare no effort in developing new technologies and products, and through technological innovation and industry upgrading, provide excellent products and services to our customers.