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Technical innovation of outdoor distribution box — win-win situation of heat dissipation and protection

Shenzhen 5G project has made special requirements for the shell of outdoor distribution box, which must have heat dissipation function and meet the requirements of protection grade IP55. It is well known that outdoor distribution box due to the requirements of waterproof and dustproof, the protection level of the box is very high, generally above IP55. However, the waterproof and heat dissipation of distribution box is a difficult problem for shell design.


With this problem, the company’s r & d technical team after a period of trial and improvement, finally developed a self-expansion type of outdoor distribution box.

Product principle:

Cabinet top and cabinet body are connected with a spring, when the heat inside the cabinet exceeds a certain capacity, top spring is stretched, heat educates, when the heat is eliminated after the cabinet top returns automatically under the action of spring force.


Scope of application:

With the inflatable outdoor distribution box is used in office buildings, residential quarters, factories, ETC and other common areas.


Market prospect:

With the self-expansion distribution box to solve the distribution box heat and protection level conflict problem. It is possible to realize large capacity of outdoor distribution box.