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Solution of Photovoltaic Integrated Construction

1  General Description


Photovoltaic integrated equipment cabinet is a modular design, with the characteristics of one cabinet with multiple functions, high integration, intelligent management, high adaptability, versatility, environmental protection, durability, energy conservation and other integrated products, which can meet the integration of different equipment.


1.2Design principles

1.2.1The main principle of the construction scheme design of photovoltaic base stations is to meet the use of different environments and scenarios, and to consider the progressiveness, reliability, sociality and economy of the equipment.


lAdvanced performance


(1)The overall scheme and performance parameters are advanced; The overall layout is reasonable, the structure is compact, the weight is light, and the overall size is compact; Technical performance parameters meet national standards; The principle and conceptual design are innovative, and the electromechanical integration, intellectualization and informatization level are high.

(2)Good mobility, implement modular design criteria; High degree of serialization, generalization and standardization;


lReliable quality


Good manufacturing quality and beautiful appearance. The structure of parts and components has good processability; The materials are energy-saving materials with good heat insulation performance and strong strength; The quality of hydraulic components and accessories is reliable; Specification for rubber hose and cable layout; The appearance is harmonious and beautiful, the color is bright, the corrosion prevention and painting quality are good, and the quality of welded junction meets the standard.


lOperation safety


(1)With integrated design, it is easy to operate and maintain, and the equipment can be maintained and replaced on site.

(2)It meets the requirements of health, safety and environmental protection, has good social benefits, embodies the concept of “people-oriented”, and conforms to the principles of green design: environmental protection, ecological balance, energy conservation, and resource conservation.


lEconomical and practical


(1)It has high comprehensive economic benefits, takes into account reliability, progressiveness and economy, and does not excessively conservative design or advance while ignoring economy;

(2)It has good practicability, can operate continuously and stably in high cold, high heat, high humidity and other climatic conditions, improve self-supporting ability, has good feasibility, and can realize unattended;



2  General introduction of photovoltaic integrated cabinet

2.1Composition of base station (schematic diagram + brief introduction of each composition)





Solution 1:Photovoltaic panels (2 pieces) are installed on the cabinet







Solution 2: photovoltaic panels (multiple – optional quantity) are installed on the cabinet



2.2Key technical indicators (key indicators of each component)


2.2.1The cabinet of photovoltaic base station meets the requirements of 220v/380v mains supply, and has the function of photovoltaic power generation, which can be used in scenarios without mains supply;

2.2.2The protection grade of photovoltaic base station cabinet reaches IP55, with high specific anti-corrosion performance, solid strength and heat insulation and moisturizing function;

2.2.3The equipment in the photovoltaic base station adopts environmental friendly, green and energy-saving materials;

2.2.4Integrated structure design, the photovoltaic base station integrates cabinet, temperature control equipment, dynamic environment monitoring system (including temperature and humidity, smoke, door magnetism, water immersion and other environmental monitoring), automatic fire protection system, power supply system, battery backup system and other necessary facilities;

2.2.5The photovoltaic base station cabinet can monitor the equipment status and abnormal alarm reminder in real time, and is equipped with dual anti-theft protection of ball camera video + hemispherical camera capture;

2.2.6. The monitoring system has the ability to manage professional equipment, and can meet the interface protocol of the platform system. The equipment is equipped with RS485 communication function as standard, and also has TCP, UDP, SNMP, 4G, WiFi and other communication modes for users to choose;


3  Integrated cabinet

3.1Cabinet structure



3.2cabinet layout (with schematic diagram + description)

3.3Cabinet assembled structure

3.4Introduction to the functional area


1、Power distribution and distribution area: AC input air switch 63A/3P*1, C-level lightning arrester 60ka*1, AC output circuit breaker and DC circuit breaker are configured;

2、Monitoring system area: configure monitoring host and sensors to monitor all facilities in the photovoltaic base station in real time, and monitor the equipment inside the cabinet, which can be uploaded to the platform system through wired or wireless network;

3、Professional equipment area: reserve a space for professional equipment, and the factory in this area is full of closed blind plates;

4、Battery backup area: lithium battery storage area, which can be equipped with two 100Ah gel batteries to provide equipment power supply time;

5、Temperature control equipment: the refrigeration equipment that meets the normal operation of the integrated cabinet in the outdoor environment, adopts energy-saving equipment – air conditioner integrated machine, and converts the air conditioner (low energy consumption) to refrigeration when there is high temperature in the cabinet;



3.5Key technical indicators of cabinet


1、Cabinet size: 2100*1000*750mm (height * width * depth);

2、The cabinet adopts the structure of disassembly / assembly, which can be assembled on site, and is composed of sheet metal frame +frp composite sandwich plate;

3、The cabinet has the function of heat insulation, and the comprehensive heat transfer coefficient should not be less than 3w/ (m) ²· K);

4、Cabinet material: the frame is made of metal galvanized steel plate frame, with a thickness of 2.0mm. The FRP composite plate is composed of double layers (1.5mm steel plate +pu polyurethane plate), with a composite plate degree of 20mm and a compression strength of ≥ 120 kPa. Thermal insulation material: high-strength PU polyurethane thermal insulation material, with a conductivity of less than 0.024 w/(m · K);

5、The outdoor cabinet adopts the bottom cable entry mode, adopts flame-retardant waterproof joints, and is equipped with pg21 and pg29 waterproof joints, with a total of 12 wire entry holes; It can supply power supply, optical fiber and cable incoming line;

6、The outdoor cabinet adopts anti-theft design, three-point fixed lock, remote unlocking function, screws are set inside the cabinet and invisible outside, which can prevent self disassembly, and anti-theft padlock is added to the cabinet;

7、The cabinet supports 19 inch (iec297) standard rack and supports the installation of various equipment that meet the installation space requirements of 19 inch (iec297) size;

8、The protection grade of cabinet shall reach IP55;

9、The cabinet has high anti-corrosion performance, and the salt spray is not less than 96 hours, which meets the requirements of yd/t1537-2015 “communication system user external cabinet”, gb/t2423.17-2008 environmental test for electrical and electronic products, Part 2: Test methods, Test Ka: salt spray (iec60068-2-11:1981, IDT);

10、Flame retardancy: the cabinet uses non combustible materials or non combustible materials, and the combustion performance of the materials shall not be lower than grade B specified in GB 8624-2012 classification of combustion performance of building materials and products;

11、High and low temperature: the cabinet should have the ability to withstand 55 ℃ high temperature and-20 ℃ low temperature;

12、Radiation resistance: the assembled energy-saving mini machine room should be able to withstand a maximum strength of 1120 × (1 ± 10%) solar radiation capacity of w/m2;

13、The appearance color and logo of the cabinet can be ral7035 gray white, ral9004 black or other colors; Logo can be customized;

14、The cabinet has a reliable grounding system, equipped with two copper bars, which are lightning protection grounding and protective grounding respectively;



Working environment indicators:


  • Working temperature: -40℃-+60℃;
  • Storage temperature: -30℃~+65℃;
  • Working relative humidity:≤ 80%(+30℃);
  • Storage relative humidity:≤90%~96%(40℃±2℃);
  • atmospheric pressure:70~106kpa;