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44.2Tb/s! The fastest Internet speed ever reached: more than 44,000 times faster than what you used

Come and experience the fastest internet speed ever, an astonishing 44.2Tb/s!

According to the “Nature Communications” magazine, a research team in Australia has recorded the fastest Internet speed ever – a staggering 44.244Terabit (terabit) per second. That’s more than 44,000 times faster than the highest speed internet connection currently used by civilians. This incredible feat was achieved by a new type of optical chip. The key to this breakthrough lies in a new type of device called micro-light communication, which is undergoing its first field tests.

On a bandwidth of 4THz, the network can transmit data at an astonishing speed of 44.2Tb/s. At present, the fastest network speed that consumers can use at the client end is optical fiber access, and its speed is 1Gb/s.

Previously, ESnet, the dedicated scientific network of the US Department of Energy, had achieved a maximum speed of 400 Gb/s, but that was specially designed for organizations like NASA.

The findings suggest that once photonic chips can be integrated, they can be scaled up for public use with relative ease. In the longer term, the aforementioned research group hopes to create integrated photonic chips that would allow them to achieve such data rates over existing fiber-optic links at minimal cost.