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The role of power environment surveillance system

Communication bureau (station) power supply, air conditioning and environment centralized monitoring and management system (hereinafter referred to as surveillance system) is an important link to improve the stability, reliability and safety power supply and centralized maintenance and management of communication bureau (station) power supply system. The goal of the surveillance system is to conduct remote signaling, telemetry, remote control, and remote adjustment of the power supply system, air conditioning system, and various equipment in the system and the computer room environment within the monitoring range, monitor the operating status of the system and equipment in real time, record and process monitoring data, and timely Detect faults and notify maintenance personnel to deal with them, realize centralized maintenance and optimized management of power supplies and air conditioners, improve the reliability of power supply systems and the security of communication equipment, and achieve communication bureaus (stations) with fewer people or no one on duty. At the same time, it detects the basic environmental parameters (such as temperature and humidity, water immersion, access control, etc.) of the communication bureau (station), detects fire, flood and illegal intrusion in time, and protects the safety of the communication building. The specific content is: implement centralized monitoring of the operating status of various power supplies, air conditioners, and power equipment and the environmental parameters of the computer room.

monitoring object

Power equipment: high and low voltage power distribution, power supply of communication equipment room, rectifier, voltage stabilizer, oil generator, inverter, battery pack, UPS, solar power supply equipment, wind power generation equipment, etc.

Environmental parameters: temperature, humidity, smoke, infrared, broken glass, flooding, door magnetic switch, intelligent access control, manual alarm switch, air conditioner and live video of each station, etc.


Supervision Center (SC): local network or network management center of the same management level.

Regional monitoring center Supervision Station (SS): Regional management and maintenance unit.

Supervision Unit (SU): The smallest subsystem of the surveillance system, consisting of several monitoring modules and other auxiliary equipment, the monitoring range is generally an independent communication office (station) or a relatively independent power supply system in a large office station.

Supervision Module (SM): A device that completes specific device management functions and provides corresponding monitoring information.

Networking method

In the surveillance system, the transmission and communication between the provincial monitoring center (PSC) and the monitoring center (SC), between the monitoring unit (SU) and the monitoring center (SC) should be based on the actual transmission resource conditions, choose stable, reliable and reasonable Transmission networking mode

One-way chain networking

E1 bidirectional protection ring mode

IP networking

wireless networking

E1 separate networking