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Smart Light Pole

Smart city is a large system and big data sharing model. With the smart city home system as the framework basis of the Internet of Things, using the new generation of information technology, urban municipal public facilities can be managed and operated in a large system, which is a more advanced stage of urban evolution. .

As the public infrastructure of the city, street lights have undergone a series of changes from manual control switches to automatic time control, from single lighting functions to multi-functional smart street light poles. Today, smart street light poles are slowly coming into the public’s field of vision.

“What’s so special about a small light pole, no matter how advanced it is, it’s just a light pole”, maybe most people think so, but in the construction of smart cities, this small light pole will become an important fulcrum for the construction of smart cities.

The construction and development of smart cities are inseparable from front-end sensing devices and the Internet of Things.

Smart street light pole is a smart street light product that integrates various information equipment technology innovation composite applications.

The entire smart light pole includes street lighting control system, WiFi antenna base station, video surveillance management, advertising screen broadcast control system, real-time monitoring of urban environment, emergency call system, charging pile system and other applications.

Street lamps are widely distributed, large in number, fixed in position, and highly identifiable. More importantly, the urban lighting system is the largest electrified system in the city. Through the integration of multiple technologies, innovative and comprehensive utilization, and the construction of smart light poles, while promoting the construction of smart lighting, as a source of multi-information collection and multi-service entrances for smart cities, it will become a necessity for the construction and development of smart cities.

From macro to micro, all-round urban IoT management.

Smart and intelligent lighting control strategy, through on-demand lighting, urban public lighting can be reduced by 50%, visualized, real-time street lighting management, and the lighting rate is clear at a glance.

Create a safe and harmonious living and investment environment for the city through information security equipment. Video surveillance + traffic flow early warning system intervenes to improve urban safety in an all-round way.

Through business services (LED advertising investment, wireless advertising push, site resource leasing), it is convenient and beneficial to the people, enhances the value of the city, and public lighting is also sustainable and profitable.

Data mining + big data analysis helps city leaders make smart decisions.