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Introduction to switching power supply


●Switching Power Rack

It only has the function of rectification and does not have the functions of DC power distribution and battery input, and can form a large-capacity DC power supply system with DC panels, etc.

●Combined switching power supply

A complete rack with rectification, AC and DC power distribution, battery input, control and other functions in the rack, used for systems with small capacity

Main features of switching power supply

●Light weight and small size

●High efficiency (over 90%)

●High power factor (greater than 0.92)

●Voltage regulation accuracy up to 0.2%

●Low noise

●Easy to maintain

●Strong reliability

●Convenient expansion

●Easy to debug

●Easy to realize centralized monitoring and unattended

●Low requirement for AC input power

●High degree of automation

●There is high-frequency harmonic interference

●Complicated control circuit

Equipment for DC power supply systems

●The DC power supply equipment in the switching office mainly includes high-frequency switching power supply rectifiers and the matching AC power distribution panels, DC power distribution panels, battery packs, and DC-DC converters.

Mobile base stations or communication stations such as optical cables and microwave relays usually use a combined switching power supply that integrates AC power distribution, switching rectifiers, and DC power distribution because the DC load is usually small.

AC power distribution panel

●The AC power distribution panel used for high frequency switching rectifiers and other communication electrical equipment is mainly used for AC power access and load distribution.

●With two-way AC power lead-in, capable of main and backup power conversion, the circuit that requires automatic conversion of two-way AC power must have reliable mechanical and electrical interlocking.

●The output load shunt can be determined according to the needs of different electrical equipment.

●For power distribution panels with lighting shunts, there should be guaranteed AC lighting shunts and DC emergency lighting shunts, and automatic switching devices.

●With over-voltage, under-voltage, lack of phase alarm function and over-current, lightning protection and other protection functions.

●The AC panel should be able to provide monitoring quantities that reflect the quality of the power supply and the working status of the AC panel itself, such as three-phase voltage, current value, mains power supply status, main branch output status, etc., and send them to the monitoring module.