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Technical Exchange on High and Low Voltage Distribution Systems by Hebei Unicom

On August 22, 2023, a technical exchange on high and low voltage distribution systems was held in the eastern section of Hebei Unicom College’s branch campus. The training event was attended by 150 participants, including Jia Xiuguo from Hebei Unicom Cloud and Network Center, Zhang Wenqing from Hebei Unicom Network Maintenance Center, as well as supervisors from 12 municipal cloud and network maintenance teams. Additionally, esteemed customers such as Lv from Baoding Unicom, Yu from Cangzhou Unicom, and Wang from Zhangjiakou Unicom were also invited.


The theme of the exchange revolved around “Addressing Hidden Dangers Detection and Control in High and Low Voltage Distribution Products.” The comprehensive technical presentation covered essential aspects such as the main structures, performance characteristics, application fields, applicable standards, debugging processes, and installation key points of high and low voltage distribution system products. This exchange facilitated targeted Q&A sessions and dynamic interactions that effectively enhanced participants’ understanding of the technical aspects and practical applications of high and low voltage distribution systems.

Unicom executives at various levels expressed their full appreciation for the technical exchange organized by Huijue Networks. The lively atmosphere during the exchange stimulated further discussions and improved strategies for identifying and managing hidden dangers. This exchange was a resounding success, marking an important step towards enhancing safety measures.