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Development Analysis of Smart Light Pole

As an important part of the transportation power, smart light poles are thriving with the joint efforts of the government and enterprises. The development of smart light poles is the result of the joint promotion of the government and enterprises.

As far as the government is concerned, street lights, as the city’s infrastructure, are also the “nerve endings” of the city. Street lights are upgraded to smart lights that integrate smart lighting, base station installation, smart monitoring, emergency help, environmental monitoring, and information interaction. Contribute to urban beautification, urban management, service innovation, environmental protection, multi-industry coordination, data openness, resource sharing, etc., thereby promoting urban development and improving the quality of life of residents, which has a great role in promoting the construction of smart cities .

Therefore, support policies for smart light poles emerge in endlessly. For example, in the “Notice on Further Improving the Pilot Work of Building a Powerful Transportation Country” issued by the Ministry of Transport in October 2021, it is proposed that in terms of smart transportation, it is necessary to establish smart perception and smart management. A smart highway system integrating smart service functions. Smart light poles are widely used to provide systematic solutions for road lighting control, public security, traffic management, municipal management and operation and maintenance, and emergency event pretreatment.

If the smart light pole is simply positioned as an upgrade to urban lighting, then in the face of such a huge cost, the smart light pole will be difficult to move forward. However, the smart light pole has the characteristics of “one-time construction, long-term benefit”. It is the infrastructure of the smart city, the “new infrastructure” equipment, and an important part of the “transportation power”, with a bright future.

But also because of the relationship between smart light poles and smart cities, its construction and development are deeply related to the development level of smart cities, which can neither be too much higher than smart cities nor too far behind smart cities. The system of smart cities is more grand, which means that the development of smart light poles will slowly advance along with smart cities.

This also means that under the guidance of the strategy of “powerful transportation”, under the wave of “smart city”, smart light poles will be in a stable blue ocean period for a long time, and will promote related Growth in business performance.