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Application of traditional light box in our company

This week, with the full cooperation of the production staff, the Hai’an Base of Huijue Group completed the order XD-22-11-28-30-03 for 288-core traditional optical delivery box (stainless steel).

As we all know, the optical cable transfer box is a connecting device installed outdoors, and its fundamental requirement is to be able to withstand drastic changes in climate and harsh working environments. It should have the characteristics of waterproof condensation, waterproof and dustproof, insect pest and rodent proof, and strong resistance to impact damage. It must be able to withstand relatively harsh external environments. Therefore, the outer side of the cabinet has relatively high requirements for waterproof, moisture-proof, dust-proof, impact-resistant damage, and pest-proof and rat-proof; the inner side has very high requirements for temperature and humidity control. Press, these items are IP66 standard. However, when the external environment where the optical cable transfer box is installed is relatively good, it is acceptable to reduce performance requirements and reduce investment.

In the traditional optical cable transfer box, the connection between the backbone optical cable and the distribution optical cable is mainly completed by jumper fibers. There are more exposed optical fibers outside the module and more fibers.

traditional optical delivery box

The box body can be opened from the front or from the front and back, and there is sufficient space for fabric and fiber storage in the box, as well as enough winding reels and hanging hooks, which are convenient for users to operate. The optical cables provided in the box are directly connected to the welding area, and the optical cables at both ends are connected in the direct welding area. The bottom of the box is high and the space is large, which facilitates a larger curvature radius when the optical cable is introduced, and is convenient for installation, operation and construction.