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the patch panel and the cable management frame (weak current intelligence and integrated wiring)

Optical fiber distribution frame

The optical fiber distribution frame should have several basic functions as the terminal equipment of the optical cable line.

① Fixing function: After the optical cable enters the rack, the outer sheath and the strengthening core shall be mechanically fixed.

② Splicing function: After the optical fiber drawn out of the optical cable is spliced with the pigtail cable, the redundant optical fiber is coiled and stored, and the spliced joint is protected.

③ Adjustment function: plug the connector attached on the pigtail cable to the adapter, and realize the optical path docking with the optical connector on the other side of the adapter.

Adapters and connectors should be able to be plugged and unplugged flexibly; optical paths can be freely deployed and tested.


Optical fiber connection diagram:


The role of the patch panel

Distribution frame function 1: beautiful wiring

The online patch panel will never move in the future, so the network cable does not need to have a margin, it can be exactly the length of the patch panel, and it looks good. If it is directly connected to the switch, it is necessary to leave a certain margin, which is very inconvenient for wiring and not beautiful.


Patch panel 2: Protection equipment interface

The jumper is convenient to protect the switch port (10000 times of mating)

As shown in the figure, the G1 interface of the access switch is connected to the G1 interface of the core switch. If you need to replace the access switch to connect to the core G2 interface, you need to unplug the core G1 interface, and then restart and insert the G2 interface. Plugging or unplugging the interface directly on the device will seriously affect the life of the device interface. After the patch panel is introduced between the switches, after all the ports on the device are plugged in, there is no need to plug and unplug. To replace the connections between the switches, you only need to patch the ports on the patch panel. As shown in the figure, the interface originally connected to G1 on the patch panel can be reconnected to the core switch G2. The patch panel interface is specially designed to be mated up to 10,000 times to protect the switch interface.