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Outdoor integrated assembled cabinet

Product overview:
Nonmetallic sandwich panel cabinet hj-xdf-f07 is an integrated cabinet made of FRP, which integrates the main equipment, system power supply, AC
An integrated cabinet for DC power distribution, environmental monitoring, heat dissipation equipment, battery and lightning protection grounding, and providing outdoor working environment and safety management for the base station, mainly including:
It is used for various outdoor scenes such as roofs, streets, mountains, along the railway, and high and low temperature environments. At the same time, for the needs of equipment, it can be used for transformation and capacity expansion.


Product features
FRP material has the properties of light weight, high strength, corrosion resistance and strong insulation. FRP has low thermal conductivity, which is 1.25 ~ 1.67kj / (m · h · K) at room temperature. Only
1 / 100 ~ 1 / 1000 of metal is an excellent heat insulation material.
The frame material can be selected from sheet metal and aluminum profiles. The non-metallic sandwich plate material: four layer structure, the inner and outer layers are FRP steel plates, and the second layer is metal
The middle is 50mm thick thermal insulation material (XPS, Pu optional); Internal structural parts are 1.5 ~ 2.0mm; Galvanized sheet;
Air conditioning is adopted for heat dissipation, and each cabinet is equipped with one set of 2p hanging civil air conditioner;
The outdoor cabinet adopts the bottom cable mode, with a total of 8-16 incoming holes, which can supply power, optical fiber and cable incoming lines;
The cabinet is equipped with: columns, laminates, battery racks, air conditioning racks, door magnetic sensors, installation accessories, etc
The outdoor cabinet adopts anti-theft design and three-point fixed lock. The screws are set inside the cabinet and invisible outside, which can prevent self disassembly.
The protection level of the cabinet shall be above IP55; Rust and corrosion prevention; Suitable for use in coastal areas;
Floor mounted cabinet;
The cabinet can be customized according to needs;
The cabinet can be transformed and expanded to the required size according to the needs of the original station site;
Working environment indicators:
Working temperature: – 20 ℃ – + 60 ℃.
Storage temperature: – 40 ℃ ~ + 65 ℃
Working relative humidity: no more than 80% (+ 30 ℃)
Storage relative humidity: ≤ 90% ~ 96% (40 ℃± 2 ℃)
Atmospheric pressure: 70 ~ 106kpa

Product configuration requirements:
Hj-xdf-f05 product configuration table
S / N name specification (h * w * d) quantity unit remarks
1. Non metallic sandwich plate
Internal dimensions of cabinet (expansion type)
2400 * 2100 * 900mm 1 set, including columns and internal structural parts, to meet the equipment installation space, 1 battery rack, air conditioning rack, non-metallic 50mm sandwich plate structure
2. Laminate, L-shaped bracket * set (1 ~ 6 pieces)
3. Air conditioner 1p * set (optional)
4. Base: 1 set
5. One lamp
6. Distribution unit AC and DC * sets (optional)
7. Power system * sets (optional)
8. Oil machine socket * set (optional)
9. Battery * set (optional)
10. Monitoring unit * set optional (sensor optional)
11. Other configurations * sets optional (can be customized according to customer needs)
12. 1 set of grounding bar device
13. Accessories installation: 1 set of accessories (standard configuration)