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The development prospect of photovoltaic

As the global energy is getting closer and closer to exhaustion, the severe energy situation and the ecological environment pressure of increasingly serious pollution and warming climate. The technology of solar photovoltaic power generation keeps improving, and the industrialization technology is basically mature. Strongly promoted by the laws and policies of relevant countries in the world, Japan, the United States, Germany, Spain, Italy and other countries have successively introduced supporting policies to encourage and support solar photovoltaic power generation.

The key to photovoltaic power generation technology is to maximize the use of photovoltaic special effect principles to convert light energy into electrical energy through solar waves. Photovoltaic power generation technology can be used to develop power generation, and power generation can also be acquired. The main components are solar panels, controllers and inverters. The components used are all electronic devices. The power generation equipment required is not only accurate, but also relatively Stable, durable and easy to install and maintain.

In the solar power generation system, it is a single power generation system and does not interfere with the power grid. It is often used in places where the power grid is difficult to cover, such as mountain villages, fields, and islands. Because the independent photovoltaic power generation system has a wide coverage area and a small degree of difficulty, it has attracted much attention and application, and has become one of the key research directions for the application of photovoltaic power generation. However, there are also serious defects in the use of independent photovoltaic power generation systems, such as being easily affected by weather and climate, and power generation is unstable.

A grid-connected photovoltaic power generation system is formed by connecting photovoltaic power generation equipment with the grid. Solar photovoltaic power generation equipment is similar to other types of power stations, and both active and reactive power can be provided to the public grid. The generated direct current is converted into alternating current that matches the frequency of the public grid through related equipment, and then the electric energy is transmitted to the grid through current sources and other methods, so the grid-connected system does not need to carry batteries, and the operating cost is lower than that of an independent photovoltaic power generation system. The conversion rate of grid-connected photovoltaic power generation system is much higher than that of independent photovoltaic power generation system, which can provide stable power supply.

Photovoltaic building integration is to install solar power generation equipment into buildings, and then collect them together and connect them to the grid. The buildings in the city are all composed of photovoltaic buildings, which can continuously provide users with electricity, and can also sell the inexhaustible electricity to the grid. By exploring the integration process of photovoltaic buildings, it can be installed on the top of the building or on the periphery of the building. Improving the photoelectric conversion efficiency, reducing the capital investment of materials, and having safety and aesthetics are the key research contents of photovoltaic building centralized technology.