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LFP batteries for Containerized energy storage

Product Highlights:

According to the system load requirements, the lithium-ion energy storage battery pack  unit battery configuration capacity of the system is 1.228MWh.

For this system, 8 clusters of battery packs are selected. Each cluster battery pack consists  of 480 3.2V/100Ah battery cells 2 and then forms a battery. Monomers in series,

Divided into 160 battery modules, each battery module is 12 strings.  8 groups are connected in parallel to a PCS with a power of 500kW.

Basic Specifications

Rated power500KW
energy storage capacity1.228MWh(768V1600Ah)
DC voltage range571.2V-744.6V
Max continuous charge and discharge rate0.5C(810A)
Peak magnification0.7C(900A)
Charge temperature0~45°C
Discharge temperature-20-60°C
Dimensions inside the box6048*2438*2896mm
Outside dimensions of the box5048*2352*2690mm