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Integrated outdoor cabinet

Landscape and electric integrated type, outdoor cabinet brief introduction

The solar and power integrated outdoor cabinet is a kind of outdoor integrated cabinet composed of high-quality metal plate materials. It is an integrated cabinet integrating photovoltaic power generation, wind power generation, diesel engine power generation and mains power generation. The cabinet contains network communication equipment, system power supply, ac / dc power distribution, monitoring system, temperature control equipment, battery system and lightning protection grounding, and provide communication base station outdoor working environment and safety management of integrated cabinet, can be applied to the roof, street, mountains, and along the railway and high, low temperature environment and other outdoor scenarios.



Product characteristics


1、High mechanical strength: cabinet frame steel plate welded structure, material thickness is more than 1.5mm;

2、Cold and heat resistance: the cabinet adopts PU core material-low conductivity, strong insulation ability, high strength;

3、The cabinet supports 19 inch and 21 inch standard rack, installation space required for the installation of various equipment;

4、Cabinet floor, wall hanging, holding pole installation;

5、A variety of optional, temperature control methods: direct ventilation, temperature control fan, energy-saving air conditioning, heat exchanger;

6、Wide range of applicable scenarios: meet the solar power / wind power / oil machine power generation, solve the problem of power supply without mainscenario, ensure that business is not interrupted, can be in remote mountainous areas, mountains, forests, beaches and other harsh environments;

7、Minimalist: pre-integration, integrated one-stop delivery, full-scene, full-standard power supply, modular design, and rapid deployment;

8、Reliable: harsh environment adaptation, intelligent lithium battery reliable power backup, lightning protection, intelligent lock multiple anti-theft;

9、Wisdom: intelligent dynamic ring monitoring system, intelligent video monitoring, intelligent routing, the whole network management.




1、Outdoor environment conditions

The cabinet in the design has the ability to withstand various climate environment, including: rain, snow, hail, wind, ice, salt fog, sandstorm, lightning, electromagnetic compatibility and different levels of solar radiation;

2、Temperature: Operating temperature range: -40℃ ~ + 55℃, storage temperature range: -25℃ ~ + 55℃;

3、Relative humidity: Relative humidity requirements: 5%~90%;

4、Atmospheric pressure: 62kpa~101kpa (approximate to 0m~5000m in altitude);

5、Solar radiation intensity: total radiation intensity 1120 (1 ± 10%) W/m2;

6、appearance of coat

The cabinet coating surface is continuous and uniform, the texture is consistent with the

corresponding standard sample, and there are no defects such as nodules, shrinkage, foaming, pinhole, pinhole, cracking, peeling, powder, particles, streaming, exposure, dirt and so on. For unpainted cabinets, the luster and texture of the outer surface are uniform and beautiful. l

7、Cabinet materials

The cabinet adopts double-layer structure for manufacturing the materials outside the cabinet, with high quality galvanized steel plate of 1.2mm, 0.5mm, high quality galvanized steel plate of 1.5mm, load-bearing components of the cabinet, and high quality galvanized steel plate with thickness of 1.5mm.

8、The cabinet is waterproof and dustproof

The integrated solar outdoor power cabinet meets the IPX5 waterproof grade requirements in GB

4208-2008 and IP 5X dust proof grade requirements in GB 4208-2008.



Product scheme diagram:


Scene case: