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At the MWC Barcelona exhibition, the leaders of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology visited the booth of Huijue Network

On February 27th, MWC2023 World Mobile Communications Conference Day opened at the Barcelona Convention and Exhibition Center in Spain. As a grand event in the field of mobile communications, MWC has attracted more than 2,000 world-renowned communications and electronics companies from more than 200 countries and regions around the world to gather at this event. Shanghai Huijue Network Communication Equipment Co., Ltd. brought new innovative solutions and self-developed products to the exhibition.

At present, with the further acceleration of information infrastructure construction, the number of 5G base stations nationwide has exceeded 2.31 million, and the growth rate of data center scale has exceeded 25%. Energy saving and cost reduction, intelligent equipment is the key. At this exhibition, Huijue Network released a series of products such as the HJ-FGY series wind-solar complementary outdoor integrated energy-saving cabinets to help the information and communication industry and data center low-carbon and intelligent construction.

HJ-FGY series is an outdoor integrated cabinet made of high-quality metal sheet materials, which can integrate solar photovoltaic panels, wind power generators, and intelligent multi-input hybrid power systems, supporting multiple power inputs of photovoltaics/wind power/mains power/oil generators

It can realize the detection of functions such as power supply, transmission, operating environment, lightning protection and anti-theft of base station communication equipment and customer-specific equipment, and remote monitoring and intelligent management of all equipment in the cabinet. It can be widely used in various outdoor scenes such as roofs, streets, stadiums, mountains, along railway lines, and high and low temperature environments.

On March 1, a group of leaders including the first-level inspector of the Information and Communication Development Department of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology visited the Huijue Network booth. Have a detailed understanding of the current company size, market distribution, and technological achievements in recent years. Wu Xiaofang, general manager of the company, accompanied the reception throughout the whole process.

During the visit, Mr. Wu introduced the innovative technology and solutions of the optical network communication equipment of Huijue Networks, a new generation of new energy products, industry application cases, feedback, etc. to the leaders. The inspector highly recognized the achievements made by Shanghai Huijue, and encouraged Huijue to continue to polish its own products and play a positive role in promoting 5G innovation and green and low-carbon development. General Manager Wu Xiaofang expressed his gratitude to the inspectors for their concern and support, and proposed that Huijue Network will further increase the intensity of independent innovation and continue to expand overseas markets.

In this era of “time waits for no one – tomorrow’s technology is coming”, Huijue Network will surely live up to expectations, continue to promote the revolution of communication technology, focus on more application scenarios, and actively cooperate with global industry partners to promote the upgrading of the communication industry , Contribute to the development of global digitalization.