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Portable household energy storage power supply

Portable household energy storage power supply

48V50Ah  LFP for Household energy storage power


It is suitable for outdoor lighting, power tools, vehicle rescue,  emergency and disaster relief, and commercial promotion.


Small size, large capacity, outdoor portable  mobile energy storage power system

Product Highlights:

The system has high energy density and high charge-discharge conversion efficiency.  The BMS battery management system has multiple protection functions.

The system is flexible and reliable, scalable and upgradeable;

high modularity, simple structure, easy installation and maintenance.

Battery model48V50Ah
Nominal voltage48V
Nominal capacity50Ah
Charge voltage5475V
Discharge cut-off voltage37.5V
Suggested charge current5~30A
Suggested discharge current5~30A
Maximum current50A
Life cycle at normal temperature3000times
Communication modRS485 or CAN or RS-232 thousand contacts (optional)
Charge temperature0~55°C
Discharge temperature20~60°C
Model of the interfacePortable Plug Connector
Battery weightAbout 30KG
Battery size352X220X580mm(adjustable)