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LFP Batteries for High voltage energy storage

LFP Batteries for High voltage energy storage

192V100Ah  LFP for power exchange cabinet


Industrial machinery and equipment, energy storage  power supply for industrial high voltage applications, etc.


long life cycles, high energy density, light weight, very safe, eco-friendly

Nominal voltage192V
Nominal capacity100A
Charge voltage219V
Discharge cut-off voltage150V
Suggested charge current50A
Suggested discharge current100A
Maximum current200A (less than 10 seconds)
Life cycle at normal temperature2000times
Communication modCAN/RS485
Charge temperature0~45°C
Discharge temperature-20-60°C
Model of the interfaceJH-LJ-100-02-B-connector JH-LJ-100-02-A-connector
Battery weight187KG
Battery size1200*500*500MM