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5G changes the world, intelligence changes lives-2020 Huijue Network Intelligent Managing Products launch conference was successfully held

On August 28th, the intelligent managing product launch conference was successfully held at the Shanghai headquarters of Huijue Networks. The purpose of this conference is to show customers the integrated control and scenario applications of “Intelligent Managing”. We’re very glad to have Professor Wang Ye, Chairman of the Building Electrical Branch of the Shanghai Architectural Society, and Professor Gong Xiao, Deputy Secretary-General of Zhejiang Green Building and Construction Industrialization Industry Association. Wu Xiaofang, general manager of Huijue Network Group, Xu Feng, deputy general manager, Yu Weike, deputy general manager of Smart Building Division, and Li Xiaochuan, deputy general manager of R&D for this conference. Some of our partners from all over the country also joined the conference.





General Manager Wu expressed her sincere greetings to industry experts and partners participating in this conference, state the company’s concept of integration and sharing, and create a win-win situation.





This conference tends to let all participants have a further understanding of the company’s corporate culture, key products, and the company’s future development direction.





In the meeting, Mr. Xu and Mr. Yu had further communication on the construction of smart cities in the 5G era, and analyzed the current market development status, core concepts, product prospects and future development trends from all levels.





This conference demonstrated the R&D strength and cooperation capabilities of Huijue Network, and te core values ​​of “Customers first, Continuous Innovation, Sharing, and Realizing dream together”.