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JW3239A XGPON/10GEPON Optical Power Meter


XGPON/10GEPON OPM is a new test instrument for FTTX business and maintenance. It not only supports all functions of traditional PON OPM, but also has the next generation XGPON/10GEPON power measurement function, it is an ideal choice for PON network engineering, construction and maintenance to judge whether the optical power reaches the standard accurately by the threshold data set by the user


Easily test FTTx/PON OPM

Support data storage

High performance broadband power meter option with universal connector interface

Data transfer and remote control via USB to C

Use for testing, opening and maintaining all types of FTTx/PON networks

Adopt passing mode test, can test voice, data and RF video at the same time signal, split screen display 1490/1550/1577nm and upstream burst mode 1270/1310m optical power