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JW4106S Single-Core Optical Fusion Splicer


JW4106S uses innovative design and exquisite manufacturing technology to bring the unprecedented fusion experience to the user, the brand-new technical greatly shortened the fusion and the heat shrinkage time, the application of brand-new high definition optical fiber microscope, all
imported high-speed Motor, a large number
of aluminum-magnesium alloy materials,
small volume, light weight, low loss, high speed, high reliability, etc.


Careful core alignment, ultra low fiber splicing loss
2.320X image magnification, 5 mm ultra short fiber splice
3.7 seconds of rapid fusion, 18 seconds of high-efficiency heating
4.300 sets fusion mode&100 sets heating mode High-definition Liquid Crystal Display, high-strength protective panels, and observation of X-and y-directional fibers three-in-one clamp, fusible single core, leather wire, tail fiber Small Size, light weight USB & SD card interface, U Disk Automatic Software Upgrade built-in modular lithium battery, welding and heating cycle at least 200 times


dimensionW*H*D: 120*130*154mm (No rubber shockproof pad)
weightdevice1.59KG (device),0. 38KG (battery)
Alignment typeAccurate core alignment, accurate cladding alignment
Fiber typeConform ITU-TG.651/652/653/655/ 657Specified common fiber, leather and jumper cables
Fiber diametercladding: 80~150um, coating: 0. 1~ 3mm
cutting length5~16mm (Covered fiber diameter<≤250um) ;
10mm (Covered fiber diameter0.25~ 3mm)
Typical weld loss0.02dB (SMF) ;0.01dB (MMF) ; 0. 04dB (DSF) ;0.04dB (NZDSF)
illuminationBuilt-in high brightness, wide range of lighting
weld time7 sec
heat-up timeTypical heating time: 18  sec
welding record10000 group、64 group Image storage
tension test1. 96~ 2.25N
heat-shrinkable Tube60mm、40mm &Series heat shrinkable tube
work environmentaltitude: 0~6000M, relative humidity0~95%RH, -10~50C
image displayHigh-performance 4.3-inch LCD touch screen
magnification times320times/ 88 times
power inputAC Power100~ 240V, 60Hz,0~1. 5A; DC power10~ ~15V
Battery lifeCycle charge up to 300~500 times, the customer can replace
battery capacity11. 1V, 6400mAh, Welding and heating cycles are typically 220 times
Battery lifeTypical value 4000 times, customer can replace by themselves.
operation interfaceGUI Graphical user interface
external interfaceUSB/SD