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JW4108H High Precision Optical Fusion Splicer


JW4108H adopts high-speed image processing technology and special precise positioning technology, which can make the whole process of optical fiber fusion in 9 seconds automatically. Large-screen LCD displays show the stages of fiber splicing at a glance. The utility model has the advantages of compact shape, light weight, being suitable for field work, simple operation, fast welding speed and small welding loss, especially suitable for telecommunications, radio and television, railway, petrochemical, power, military, public security and other communication areas of fiber-optic cable engineering and Maintenance and scientific research institutes teaching and research.


SM and MM quartz glass fiber. The outer diameter of the fiber is 125μm (standard) , and the outer diameter of the cladding is 0.2 ~ 1.5 mm.


fiber alignment modeCore /cladding alignment
Image Processingdigital processing
Typical connection loss0.02dB(same single-mode fiber)、 0.01dB(same multimode fiber)
Typical weld time7 sec
Typical heating time15sec(Heating time can be set and heater temperature can be adjusted)
Welding mode 6 groups of factory mode, 54 groups of user mode
heating modeUser free setting (built-in heater)
Optical fiber amplification factor300 times(X-axis or Y-axis),200times(X-axis or Y-axis)
Battery standby timeTypical welding of 150 times with one full charge (simultaneous heating)
battery life2500 times
tension test2N
Connection loss storage8000Group update results
display5.0inch TFT color LCD
working temperature-10~50℃
storage temperature-40~60℃
operating humidity<95%RH(Non-condensate)
Storage Humidity0~95%
working altitude0~5000m
max wind speed15m/s
power supplyalternating 100~240V(AC adapter); built-in lithium battery
power consumption25W