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solar power system

Composition of solar power supply system

●Solar cell array

●Energy storage device: Generally, it is a valve-regulated sealed lead-acid battery.

Power distribution device: the solar controller, which is used to control the charging of the solar cell to the battery and the discharge of the battery to the communication equipment. The system controller also has a temperature sensor, a smoke sensor, an auxiliary contact of the battery circuit fuse, and a solar cell phalanx Auxiliary contacts and access control contacts, etc.

●Voltage conversion device (individual): used only when supplying communication equipment with different voltages

Solar power supply system – operation mode

●When there is light, the solar battery controller controls the charging of the battery by the solar battery, and the fully charged battery discharges and supplies power to the communication equipment through the solar battery controller. In general, the designed battery capacity is large, and the discharge voltage of the battery is low. When the predetermined value is reached, the solar cell will charge the battery again the next day, so that the cycle of charging and discharging will maintain uninterrupted power supply. If there is no sun for several days, the battery will not be charged in time. The inverter will disconnect the load in time to protect the battery from discharging.

Solar power supply system – installation method

●The installation location of the solar cell array is related to the capacity, and different installation locations require different considerations in installation design.

The solar cell array of the small independent photovoltaic power generation system can be installed on the outdoor pole or tower, and the solar cell array is supported by the iron frame fixed on the pole tower

Whether the medium-sized photovoltaic power generation system is independent or mixed, the solar cell square array is mostly placed on the roof platform of the building or on the iron beam supported by the concrete column, and a few are installed on the ground

The solar cell array of a large-scale photovoltaic power generation system occupies a large area and should be installed on the ground