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How does the iron tower battery swap cabinet help electric vehicles achieve fast charging and swapping

How to make a profit in the power exchange cabinet of China Tower

Due to limited status, here is an example of an ordinary power exchange cabinet

At present, the income of the power exchange cabinet is mainly to collect rent on a per-use and monthly basis for users.

The manufacturing cost of a smart power exchange cabinet is between 20,000 and 40,000, and it can pay back about 6-12 months after normal operation. The calculation logic is: a power exchange cabinet serves 10-20 vehicles, and each vehicle The annual electricity replacement fee is about 100,000 yuan, and the annual income of each cabinet can reach 30,000-60,000 yuan.

How to charge for electric vehicle battery replacement cabinet

Users only need to scan the code to use the motorcycle battery in the same way as borrowing a mobile phone power bank. Scan the code to open the cabinet door, put the dead battery in, close the hatch after connecting with the connecting cable, the hatch with the charged battery will automatically pop open, and then take it out and use it directly. The whole process generally only takes 10 seconds, and the user can replace the battery “life”. In other words, this is a mode that directly and completely cancels “personal battery charging”.

Can shared power exchange cabinets be installed in residential buildings?

The shared power exchange cabinet is used to store battery equipment. It looks like a locker and has different grids. Each grid stores a battery. There is usually a display screen or a QR code on the battery cabinet, which can display the status of the cabinet. Operate the QR code. The cabinet completes the battery rental by controlling the opening of the cabinet door. At the same time, each cabinet category is equipped with a charging device, which can automatically charge the battery. Electric vehicle users can use the battery replacement cabinet to realize the self-service battery replacement service, and the replacement can be completed in just a few seconds. .

How to use: scan the code – take out the fully charged battery, put in the dead battery – put the battery into the replacement car – use the car.

According to the person in charge of the above-mentioned battery replacement company who did not want to be named, he revealed to reporters that some leading companies in battery replacement for two-wheeled electric vehicles can achieve positive cash flow in 10 months and recover costs in 15 and a half months only in the battery leasing business.

However, the battery replacement market for two-wheeled electric vehicles is also full of “trouble”. Huang Jiaxi said frankly that in addition to the cost of building a power exchange cabinet outdoors and the difficulties in landing, user experience is currently the biggest problem they have encountered. “In order to ensure the convenience of users’ battery replacement, we have to consider issues such as the path and density of network construction. If there are too many outlets, the return on investment will be very low, and if there are too few outlets, we will worry about insufficient user experience. If these problems can be solved, our business will be greatly improved.” Into an upward circular orbit.”

Although the battery swapping model is developing in two different fields of two-wheeled electric vehicles and four-wheeled electric vehicles, according to the above-mentioned person in charge of the battery swapping company who did not want to be named, the core competitiveness of the battery swapping model lies in the construction of a complete battery swapping system. Network, only when the power exchange network develops, can more customers be attracted.