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The difference between the head cabinet and the power distribution cabinet

In modern life, it is inseparable from circuit equipment. If you want to achieve safe electricity use, you cannot do without various distribution boxes and substation rooms. I don’t quite understand it, but the top cabinet and the power distribution cabinet are indispensable in the computer room, and the two are often confused by many people. So what is the difference between the top cabinet and the power distribution cabinet?

1. What is the difference between the head cabinet and the power distribution cabinet?

The main difference lies in the two aspects of location and role. The column head cabinet is located at the top of the equipment in the computer room. It is divided into two types: strong current column cabinet and weak current column cabinet. It mainly has the functions of shunting, power distribution, monitoring, and protection. The final equipment has the functions of protection, monitoring and control.

2. How to operate the distribution cabinet safely

1. Do not flip the switch at will

The power distribution cabinet is the control center of the motor. If you want to realize the normal operation of the power distribution system, you must not flip the switch at will, especially after the power distribution board enters the power distribution state. etc. cannot be used at will.

2. Pay attention to the starting voltage and frequency value

After the generator set connected in the power distribution cabinet is started, it needs to be slowly accelerated through the speed-up switch of the power panel, and it can only be closed for power transmission after it enters the normal working state, that is, the voltage and frequency reach the specified value.

3. Do not stop with load

Before the motor is to be stopped, the load of the generator needs to be cut off first, and the motor can be stopped after no-load, and it is forbidden to stop directly with the load.

4. Operate with caution

When the power distribution cabinet generator is working, when the turbine personnel operate the circuit board, they must concentrate on concentrating their thoughts and operate carefully to avoid accidents.