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Heat Dissipation Requirements for Communication Switching Power Supply

The power supply system used in communication base stations has higher and higher performance requirements such as safety, efficiency, and quality. The core of the power supply system is the communication switching power supply, that is, the high-frequency switching rectifier. It is a rectifier using soft switching technology, and its power consumption becomes Smaller, cooler, and the size and weight have been greatly reduced, while the overall quality and reliability of the power supply has also been significantly improved. According to the test data of the power supply experiment, when the ambient temperature of the power supply product increases by 10°C, the service life of the core power components inside it will be reduced by 50%, which shows that the change in temperature will lead to the rapid decline in the service life of the power supply. , so it is necessary to ensure the effective heat dissipation of the power supply equipment, thereby prolonging the necessary conditions for the reliability and life of the power supply equipment.

The heat dissipation methods of switching power supply products on the market generally adopt direct conduction and convection conduction. The direct conduction method is to transfer heat energy along the object from the high temperature end to the low temperature end to ensure the stability of its heat conduction ability; another convection The conduction method is a process in which the temperature inside the power supply tends to be uniform by using liquid or gas in the form of reflux transfer; both of these two heat dissipation methods can enable the power supply to have a heat dissipation function.

In practical applications, the communication power supply adopts the combination of intelligent air cooling and self-cooling technology, which can better adapt to the working environment, prolong the service life of the power supply, and be reliable and stable. Secondly, the communication switching power supply can also adopt the cooling method combining fan and natural cooling, which can effectively reduce the internal working temperature of the power supply and prolong the service life of the device when the ambient temperature is high. When low, reduce the fan speed of the power supply, thereby prolonging the service life of the fan.

Through the above heat dissipation introduction of the power supply, in order to ensure the reliable and stable operation of the rectifier of the communication switching power supply, it is necessary to reduce the working temperature rise inside the power supply, which is a key technology, so as to ensure the reliability of the power supply product and prolong the service life of the switching power supply product.