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Instructions for use of ONU broadband access network box

FTTB Broadband Nihe Box refers to the precursor dedicated to the installation of ONU equipment (including PON DSL, PONAN, AD, etc.), integrating power supply, optical fixed protection, wiring termination line and ONU equipment installation functions, providing reliable internal equipment mechanical, electrical and environmental protection.

The outdoor type can be hung on the wall or installed on a pole, and the indoor type can be installed in corridors or connected to electricity.

The outdoor protruding integrated box adopts side material top cover to prevent water protection on the top of the front body, and the body adopts high-quality sealing rubber strips, and the box body adopts professional outdoor door locks, and at the same time, external locks can be added to ensure the protection of the body Equipped with P65 level, the equipment installation frame adopts pull-out type, which is convenient for equipment maintenance. The DF wiring area can be flexibly expanded as needed, and the wiring area has strong versatility.

main feature

Wall-mounted, pole-mounted and overhead compatible structural design, suitable for various indoor and outdoor installation methods.

The single structure is fully upright, and the 19″ equipment mounting bracket adopts a heat-expandable structure design, which is convenient for slow operation and equipment protection. The outdoor cabinet door lock is adopted, and the connecting rod locking structure is equipped with an external padlock position, which has better fat High performance.Using three-composite EPDM high-quality dense strips to ensure the protection level of the cabinet is P65.

The air inlet is equipped with an eyelet-type anti-life net to achieve good ventilation and heat dissipation and dust-proof functions, and it is convenient to prevent the entire net from alcohol washing. Reasonable photoelectric cable introduction and routing management, convenient forcible operation, small footprint,

The temperature control alliance automatically controls the heat dissipation equipment, which not only prolongs the life of the equipment but also saves energy

There is a temperature-controlled heating unit inside, which can adapt to cold weather.