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12-core integrated Optical Fiber Splice Tray introduction

Optical fiber splicing and wiring integrated module, also known as optical fiber splicing tray, is widely used in ODF, indoor and outdoor optical cable transfer boxes, and can complete optical fiber splicing, adapter installation and a small amount of pigtail storage. The 12-core fusion-splicing integrated module integrates the fusion splicing and wiring of optical fibers. The module can truly realize full frontal operation, and the fusion splicing and coiling of optical fibers can be realized without turning the module over. The module is equipped with a protective cover to ensure that the optical fiber is not accidentally damaged; the connection module can be taken out of the equipment for operation, which is simple and convenient.

1) Using ABS injection molding, high safety performance, light and beautiful plastic structure;

2) Three-layer structure, the lower layer is a wiring board, the middle is a splicing board, and the top is a protective cover, compatible with left and right fiber outlets; 3) Various adapters such as FC and SC are snap-fitted;

4) Suitable for beam and ribbon cables;

5) The bending radius of the optical fiber is greater than 40mm at any position;

6) The adapter and the front of the connection unit form a 30-degree oblique angle, which not only ensures the bending radius of the jumper, but also avoids laser burns to human eyes;

7) A variety of welding and wiring marks, convenient for welding and wiring records;

8) With 12 cores as a unit, pigtails and cable bundle tubes have their own coiling channels, which are managed in layers to effectively protect the optical fiber from damage;

9) The structure is compact and the density is high, which is conducive to the realization of large-capacity wiring;

10) Strong versatility, can be used in different indoor and outdoor wiring equipment and realize interchangeability;

11) Used for fusion splicing and branching of optical fibers;

12) The cover can be turned over, and the trays can be stacked to expand the capacity, which is convenient for installation and use;

13) Working temperature: -5℃~40℃, relative humidity: ≤85% (at 30℃), atmospheric pressure: 70~106Kpa;

14) Nominal working wavelength: 850nm, 1310nm, 1550nm;

15) Insertion loss: ≤0.5dB; return loss: PC≥40dB, UPC≥50dB, APC≥60dB;

16) Dielectric strength: ≥3KV(DC)/1min, no breakdown, no arcing;

17) Insulation resistance: ≥1000MΩ/500V(DC);

18) Life: ≥1000 times.