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【Technical knowledge】Introduction to distributed photovoltaic power generation system

Use solar panels to convert solar energy into direct current, and then convert it into usable alternating current through a grid-connected inverter, which can be directly used by users or directly sent to the grid. The system mainly includes solar panels, photovoltaic brackets, inverters, power distribution cabinets and monitoring systems, etc., to achieve nearby grid connection, local consumption, high system stability, and convenient operation and maintenance.

Distributed photovoltaic system features:

uFeatures of use: no noise, low pollution, does not affect the household voltage environment, and also has a certain effect of sunshade and heat insulation.

uEnergy-saving features: It can be used spontaneously under sunlight during the day, and can be sold to the grid company if it is not used up, which greatly reduces the use of high-end power and peak power.

uMaintenance features: System module design, no need to frequently replace vulnerable parts, easy maintenance.

Applicable places:

lDistributed photovoltaic commercial power generation system: hospitals, schools, commercial roofs, automobile 4S stores, large and medium-sized cold storage, large shopping mall roofs and other areas.

lDistributed photovoltaic industrial power generation system: generally used on the roof of large industrial plants, such as metallurgy, chemical plants, paper mills, large casting factories, mechanical processing, large logistics parks, ecological agriculture, etc.

lDistributed photovoltaic home and other power generation systems: villas, self-built houses and other residential buildings, sun rooms, garages, etc.