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Sheet metal vision inspection system for outdoor cabinets

The modern sheet metal manufacturing industry tends to produce multiple varieties and small batches. This processing method poses a great challenge to the control of the production process. The small batch production of sheet metal parts requires frequent adjustments to the machine tool, such as laser cutting machine programming, mold replacement, etc. Frequent adjustments will cause deviations or errors in processing. How to ensure the qualification rate of each batch of sheet metal parts requires inspection of the first piece of each batch. The failure of the first piece will lead to the scrapping of products in batches, which will bring waste of materials and labor to the enterprise. In addition, the processing of large quantities of sheet metal parts requires random inspection.

There are two main problems in the traditional sheet metal inspection method: one is that the inspection time is too long, and some complex sheet metal parts have dozens or even hundreds of holes. For a long time, this also prolongs the waiting time for equipment downtime, and the more batches, the more serious the waste of machines and labor is; the second is that the accuracy is difficult to guarantee, and the test results are easily affected by human factors, such as “where does the measurement start?” “The selection method of the measurement benchmark” and so on have led to differences in the test results of different personnel. If the control is not effective, substandard products will flow into the market and bring immeasurable losses to the enterprise.   

  The sheet metal visual inspection system is based on machine vision technology, which integrates optics, electronics, and computer image processing technology, and is specially used for precision measuring instruments for sheet metal inspection. It effectively solves the problems of manual measurement deviation and one-time imaging range measurement accuracy. The measurement speed is more than 10 times that of traditional measuring instruments, which greatly improves the measurement efficiency and measurement accuracy, eliminates human errors, and realizes the intelligentization of sheet metal detection.

The sheet metal inspection system is very easy to use. First, place the part to be tested on the measurement platform, obtain the outline of the part by photographing it with an industrial camera, and fit it with the imported CAD drawing to achieve one-click measurement. Finally, the test result is displayed. Items such as processing deviation and missing size can be displayed intuitively, and the entire detection process takes less than one minute.

At the beginning of R&D and design, the sheet metal inspection system was closely combined with the characteristics of the sheet metal processing industry, based on the design of the CAD software platform, so that users can directly import the CAD drawings of the inspected sheet metal parts, and use them as the benchmark for measurement. Drawing specifications are based on CAD software, and the system will automatically judge and identify irregular drawings caused by designers’ operating habits, such as multi-points and multi-lines. The system is designed with a virtual caliper function, which can be used to detect some important dimensions, such as measuring the center distance between two circles, and you can get the center distance data by simply clicking on their circumferences. For super large parts, that is, sheet metal parts that exceed the range of the detection platform, the system takes two or more photos to obtain the part image, and quickly stitches and measures by selecting the reference point, which solves the problem that the sheet metal part cannot be detected because it exceeds the measurement range question. Reverse measurement can realize rapid conversion from sample to image, and provide basis for product design and so on. The detection results of the system can be displayed intuitively, different dimensional deviations are distinguished by different colors, and the detection report can be output and printed, which is convenient for users to file the detection results of each batch of products.

The sheet metal measuring machine adopts the latest visual inspection technology , completes all contour measurements of parts within 30  seconds and generates a measurement report.  

In terms of function, it meets the measurement requirements of all sheet metal parts. Even contours such as small holes and sharp corners that are difficult to measure by traditional methods can be easily completed on the system.  

The function of the system is so powerful, but its operation is so simple that any operator of a processing machine tool (NC punching machine, laser cutting machine, etc.) The function allows the operator to complete all measurements and output measurement reports with just one click of the mouse.