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Outdoor cabinet design

The outdoor cabinet design adopts solidwokrs, an advanced cabinet 3D engineering design software. Use the 3D solid modeling capabilities in solidworks 3D design software to speed up design, save time and product development, and increase productivity. 3D solid modeling is a key aspect of modern product development, providing the basis for designing, simulating and manufacturing parts and assemblies across industries, applications and products.

Advantages of Solidworks 3D solid modeling:

ØSpeed up the speed of design development and detailed drawings

Ø Improved visual display and communication;

Ø Eliminate design interference problems;

Ø Check design function and performance (reduce prototype production);

ØWhen programming CNC machining, it can automatically provide the required 3D solid model to the manufacturing process and speed up the manufacturing of equipment.

With the automatic update function of solidworks drawings, there is no need to worry about modification problems. All 2D drawings are automatically created from and linked to the 3D solid model. If the 3D solid model is modified, the 2D drawings and details are automatically updated. This automatic associativity means that the solid model is always in sync with the 2D file

With solidworks 3D solid modeling capabilities, you can:

Ø Create 3D solid models of people and parts and assemblies, no matter how large or complex;

Ø Keep all 3D models, 2D drawings, and other design and manufacturing files in sync with associativity that automatically tracks and executes updates;

Ø Quickly create design variants by controlling key design parameters;

ØOnly need to stand-alone and drag the model geometry to directly edit the model;

Ø Generate surfaces for people and 3D geometry, even complex organic and equational models;

ØThe 3D model can be analyzed to understand the mass properties and volume of people and entities (mass, density, volume and inertial moment, etc.).