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Overview of outdoor cabinet products

The outdoor standardized cabinet is an integrated cabinet that integrates main equipment, system power supply, AC and DC power distribution, environmental monitoring, battery and lightning protection grounding, and provides outdoor working environment and safety management for the base station. It is mainly used in various outdoor scenarios such as roofs, streets, mountains, railways, high and low temperature environments, etc., to meet customers’ needs in terms of energy saving and emission reduction, rapid deployment, and multi-scenario adaptation.

1.2. Features of the product

The outdoor standardized external cabinet adopts a new assembly concept, which is composed of profiles and core boards, and has the following characteristics:

  ◇ Land and material saving – compact structure, small footprint

◇ Saving energy consumption – sub-compartment temperature control, independent cooling air duct

◇ Efficient delivery – module design and production, efficient installation

  ◇ Easy expansion – side / back two-way expansion, to meet the upgrade expansion

  ◇ Flexible use – can be assembled and assembled, suitable for complex sites

  ◇ Temperature control mode – flexible selection of fan, heat exchange, compressor air conditioner

  ◇ Wiring mode – can integrate ODF module, DDF module

  ◇ Lightning protection power distribution – can integrate power distribution units of various specifications

  ◇ Power system – can integrate AC and DC power system, UPS uninterruptible power supply

  ◇ Equipment installation – 19-inch (IEC) equipment and BBU modules can be installed

  ◇ Monitoring system – with centralized monitoring functions such as temperature, humidity, smoke, water immersion, access control, etc.

  ◇ Anti-theft design – three-point locking, no exposed removable fasteners on the cabinet, good anti-theft performance

1.3. Product performance parameters

  ◇ The total heat transfer coefficient is less than 2.5 W/ (m²·K)

  ◇ Outdoor waterproof and dustproof grade IP55

  ◇ The flame retardant performance of the insulation core material meets the B level of GB 8624-2006

  ◇ The wind resistance performance is not less than 60m/s, meeting the 9 magnitude earthquake specified in YD 5096-2005

  ◇ The uniform load of the roof is 1~2.5kN/m2

  ◇ Lightning protection and grounding performance complies with “YD/T 5098-2005 Communication Bureau (Station) Lightning Protection and Grounding Engineering Design Code”

  ◇ The cabinet adopts a special anti-theft electronic lock, which meets the C-level anti-theft requirements in GA/T 73-2011, and can be equipped with a padlock

1.4. Product usage and installation scenarios

      Outdoor standardized cabinet products have high installation adaptability and can be installed in different locations such as the ground, roof, hillside and roadside. During installation, the base must be prefabricated according to the actual installation scenario to ensure that the cabinet after installation is stable and reliable. The specifications of the prefabricated base need to be designed and manufactured according to the actual weight of the cabinet and the actual geographical conditions of the installation site, so as to ensure that the cabinet will not be tilted or overturned during normal use.

1.5. Product environmental requirements

◇ Working temperature: -40℃~+55℃

◇ Relative humidity: ≤95% (+35°C)

◇ Atmospheric pressure: 70KPa~106Kpa