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ATS dual power switch

The full name of ATS is “automatic transfer switching equipment”, which is the abbreviation of Automatic transfer switching equipment. ATS is mainly used in emergency power supply systems, switching electrical appliances that automatically switch load circuits from one power supply to another (standby) power supply, to ensure continuous and reliable operation of important loads. Therefore, ATS is often used in important places where electricity is used, and its product reliability is particularly important. Once the conversion fails, it will cause one of the following two hazards. The short circuit between the power sources or the power failure of important loads (even short power outages) will have serious consequences, which will not only bring economic losses (stop production, financial paralysis), may also cause social problems (putting life and safety at risk). Therefore, industrially developed countries have listed the production and use of automatic transfer switch appliances as key products to restrict and regulate. Interactive Hot Standby (ATS). ATS can be interpreted as automatic test system, that is, automatic test system.

ATS (Automatic Switching System) control cabinet consists of the following components:

A. Core component: automatic power transfer switch

B. Control module

C. Panel signal indicators and their peripheral circuits.

The basic function of the ATS is: when the mains fails, the ATS automatically switches the load to the generator after a 0-10 second delay; when the mains recovers, the ATS automatically switches the load to the mains after a 0-10 second delay At the end, the generator set will automatically stop after a cooling delay. The switching delay of the ATS cabinet ensures the stability of the electrical parameters of the unit power supply or the mains power supply before switching. ATS control cabinet has the function of switching power supply manually and automatically. ATS has the function of mains power priority, that is to say, even in the power supply state of the generator set, at any time during this period, as long as the mains power returns to normal, it will immediately switch to the mains power supply. ATS can detect the mains failure signal, and when the mains fails, it can send a control signal to the self-starting end of the generator set in time to make the unit start automatically and prepare for power supply. ATS has mechanical interlock and electrical interlock to ensure the accuracy and safety of switching; at the same time, ATS has the function of phase loss protection. ATS + MCCB can add short-circuit and overload protection functions to the ATS cabinet.