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Huijue intelligent control distribution box

In the initial exploration stage of smart parks, building management data can be accurately coordinated with the help of artificial intelligence, cloud computing and other technologies, so that the management, scheduling, and operation of equipment can be carried out more efficiently. It is an intelligent technology that promotes urban digital construction and makes smart and convenient. An important way to gain wider popularity in everyday applications. Under this trend, the application of smart distribution boxes in industrial and commercial scenarios can help efficient and refined management of equipment and equipment and realize a sustainable development model that saves energy. Shanghai Huijue is a high-tech enterprise focusing on the R&D, production and technical services of wireless intelligent control system products. The YIO protocol independently developed by the company is an original non-IoT management system suitable for large-area commercial spaces, which can realize centralized and flexible management. Management, realize real cost reduction and efficiency increase while optimizing user experience. The intelligent distribution box equipped with YuOs wireless intelligent management system is characterized by safety, efficiency and flexibility. Aiming at the pain points of the market, the standardization and intelligent management of the power distribution field have been improved and innovated.

The main function of the Huijue smart distribution box is electricity statistics. In this regard, the traditional distribution box can only realize the function of sending the meter reading to the power company. And the unit of measurement is only accurate to kilowatt-hours. The smart distribution box can transmit data through a low-power wireless network, and the data provided is more precise and detailed. In addition, customers can also obtain data on power consumption and peak demand usage through the analysis window of electricity statistics, so as to monitor power factor efficiency and energy quality more efficiently. On this basis, by changing usage habits or identifying problems related to power quality, it can also be properly resolved, so as to obtain more control methods for energy use, and achieve the purpose of energy saving and efficient use of electricity. Huijue intelligent distribution box has flexible control capabilities. Most office spaces have a large number of intelligent terminals, which require high real-time data interaction and response speed, and high-performance Internet of Things service capabilities. There are two main control methods for smart distribution boxes: local control through YIO wireless communication, and remote control through a computer or mobile phone/tablet connected to the external network. Regardless of whether it is under network signal coverage, the distribution box can be operated. The intelligent distribution box is characterized by unlimited control distance and the number of devices, which is convenient for administrators to perform centralized group control of devices and reduce labor consumption. Huijue intelligent distribution box has a stable automatic operation capability, and customizes the timing function of some circuits according to the usual electricity consumption habits. It can be turned on or off automatically, and the load is automatically powered off. Realize unattended, scientific management. It can save merchants a lot of human resources, save time, reduce costs, and popularize humanized and service-oriented management in daily life scenarios.