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5G-based smart power distribution room solution

With the popularization of 5G, it will not only increase the speed of network transmission, but also extend the communication between people to the Internet of everything, making it possible to create a fully mobile and fully connected digital society. 5G wireless communication technology has more ubiquitous terminal access capabilities, powerful multi-service bearing capabilities, differentiated security isolation capabilities, and efficient and flexible management capabilities. The communication requirements of “wide coverage and large connection” are highly compatible, and it is the best choice for wireless communication in the power distribution business. Use new technologies such as 5G, Internet of Things, big data, artificial intelligence, etc. to conduct multi-dimensional monitoring of personnel access, equipment status, environmental parameters, and power consumption in the power distribution room. Through real-time analysis of monitoring data and intelligent early warning, reduce power consumption. Reduce electricity waste and improve energy efficiency management of electricity, realize intelligent power distribution and smart power consumption.

The main function:

Security monitoring: online monitoring of identity authentication and access control for personnel entering and leaving the power distribution room.

Video monitoring: video monitoring of the power distribution room environment and equipment to realize remote control and linkage analysis.

Equipment status monitoring: real-time collection of main equipment parameters such as cabinets, cable heads, circuit breakers, busbars, and transformers in the power distribution room for online monitoring.

Environmental monitoring: Online monitoring of the comprehensive environmental parameters (temperature, temperature, gas, noise, water immersion, etc.) of the power distribution room.

Power consumption management: Real-time collection of power consumption data and associated energy efficiency indicators for real-time analysis, optimize power consumption methods based on data analysis, and realize intelligent management of power consumption.

A large number of smart micro-sensors are used in the security system, power distribution equipment, and environmental system of the power distribution room. Through 5G communication technology, the “intelligence”, “transparency”, “perceivable and interactive” of the power distribution room can be promoted. Realize applications such as automatic three-remote control, precise load control, and comprehensive monitoring of power distribution room equipment and production safety to ensure the safety of power distribution operations.