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Wind-solar complementary outdoor integrated energy-saving cabinet HJ-FGY series


Huijue HJ-FGY-01 energy-saving cabinet is an integrated cabinet made of aluminum alloy, which can integrate photovoltaic panels, wind turbines, multi-input hybrid power systems, energy storage systems, intelligent temperature control systems, video surveillance, and network communication equipment. It is an integrated product that can be applied to various outdoor scenes such as roofs, mountains, and coastal areas.


1、Support the introduction of multiple power sources of photovoltaic/wind power/oil generators, and multiple voltage outputs: AC220V, DC48V, 24V, -12V;
2、With intelligent system management, better energy saving and monitoring management;
3、Efficient, safe, long life (up to 3500 cycles) energy storage battery;
4、The temperature-controlled fan automatically adjusts the wind speed, low power consumption, and supports RS485 serial communication upload;
5、The double-layer insulation structure of the cabinet has a low comprehensive thermal conductivity (heat transfer coefficient 0.024W/(m﹐K));
6、The protection level of the cabinet is IP55, and the salt spray time is 500 hours, which can be used in various harsh outdoor environments;
7、The product shell is made of aluminum alloy material, which is light and can be handled manually;
Complete lightning protection grounding system;

Product topology