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How to find a reassuring integrated wiring manufacturer

With the popularization of integrated wiring, in order to meet the market demand, more and more manufacturers and brands have appeared, and at the same time it has brought great difficulty and interference to everyone’s choice. How can we find a reassuring integrated wiring manufacturer? Let’s take a look at some suggestions from Huijue Integrated Wiring.

How can I find a reassuring integrated wiring manufacturer?

Let’s start with the purpose of establishing the integrated wiring brand. We think that the types can be divided into several types:

1: Started as an integrated wiring brand business, jumped to establish a brand;

2: I was born in the manufacturing industry, helped others to do the work, and finally established a brand because of a coincidence;

3: Other IT hardware brands, such as video surveillance, etc., to enrich the product line and establish a brand;

4: I feel that there are relatively few after-sales problems of integrated wiring products, so I established an integrated wiring brand;

5: Make the network more interconnected, so that more people can use high-quality wiring products, and let the network make life better.

At present, most brands of China’s integrated wiring are aimed at short-term profits. This is an indisputable fact. The technology of copper cable wiring products is very mature. With the arrival of 5G, as long as the production and sales of products that meet national standards are brand owners with an agent should do.

As an agent, it is understandable to act as an agent for these products only for the immediate benefit. But a real brand that has a future and brings real benefits to the development of agents should be based on technical quality, pay attention to customer experience, and should provide a very open communication platform to learn and make progress together. But we are sorry to see that in the impetuous society, not many agents can see these clearly.

An agent who is interested in the future and wants to determine his company’s status in this industry through hard work should choose an integrated wiring brand with the following characteristics, which is the long-term solution:

One: Based on quality, the products produced meet the national production and acceptance standards;

Two: Pursue the reputation of the brand to meet the application needs and psychological needs of customers;

Three: Have the ability to research and develop and continuously launch new products. Only in this way can agents keep up with the continuous development of the IT industry;

Four: The brand has the determination and courage to change the industry structure. It is impossible for a brand that does not want to make progress to drive the development of agents;

Five: The price has an advantage, the copper cable technology is very mature, there are not too many technical barriers, the relative price advantage is necessary;

Six: Pay attention to pre-sales and after-sales services, and pay attention to the training of technical personnel for agents;

Seven: Open and transparent brand culture, only honesty can communicate efficiently and promote the continuous progress of both parties;

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