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Seven characteristics of pre-connected optical cable applications

As a more commonly used transmission medium for network integrated wiring, fiber optic cable has the advantages of long transmission distance and high transmission rate. In the past, fiber optic cable connection usually adopts fusion splicing or on-site grinding termination. With the advancement of technology, it is now popular to use pre-connected optical cables.

Seven characteristics of pre-connected optical cable applications:

Feature 1: It can be reinstalled and moved. Splitters with pre-attached fiber optic cables can be quickly and safely plugged in, removed and reinstalled as needed. Entering the market from the pre-connection mode, it has been applied in the design and construction of optical fiber network cabling systems in many telecom operators, finance, education, public security, customs, enterprises, science and technology parks, etc., and has also won the favor of integrators and end customers. High recognition and wide acclaim make us more confident. We hope that more users can have such a convenient construction, high safety, and outstanding performance optical fiber network cabling system, because we always believe that network cabling is the most important for future applications. One of the parts, with a highly secure and reliable foundation, there will be more exciting and outstanding network applications.

Feature 2: Easy maintenance and safety. The mechanical performance of the splitter pre-connected with optical cables is excellent, and the maintenance or operation process will not affect the normal use of the optical fiber network cabling system.

Feature 3: The link protection of the optical fiber network cabling system is sufficient. There are no splicing points and bare optical fibers exposed to the air, so there will be no worries about aging, joint breakage, etc.

Feature 4: The loss test has been completed, the quality is stable, and the use is reliable. The pre-connected optical cables are 100% factory tested, and there are no additional products added during the installation process, making field testing simple.

Feature 5: More economical. The welding process requires machines, consumables, time and personnel, etc. On the whole, the pre-connection method does not add additional costs.

Feature 6: Easy to operate, easy to install, save installation time, just plug and play as needed.

Feature 7: Protect the effectiveness and safety of the owner’s investment. Pre-connected optical cables must be customized, which puts forward higher requirements for the integrator’s ability to conduct preliminary and actual on-site investigations, with the purpose of fully protecting the owner’s control over the project and the use of products. Right to avoid material waste and project investment risk.

The seven characteristics of the application of pre-connected optical cables are introduced here. If you have a need for pre-connected optical cables in your project, you can take a look at the products of HUIJUE NETWORK. For product order, please contact sales@hj-net.com.