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Let’s take a look at how the optical fiber enters the ODF distribution frame

ODF optical fiber distribution frame is an optical fiber distribution device specially designed for optical fiber communication equipment room. It has the functions of optical cable fixing and protection, optical cable termination function and line adjustment function, and is an indispensable part in the information equipment room. Today, let’s take a look at how the optical fiber of the ODF distribution frame enters the line?

How does the optical fiber enter the ODF distribution frame?

1. Strip the optical cable and fix the optical cable to the fiber tray

The common optical cables are stranded type, skeleton type and central tube type optical cables. Different optical cables need to be stripped in different ways. After stripping, the optical cables must be fixed to the fiber tray.

2. Split the fiber, pass the fiber through the heat shrinkable tube

Separate the fibers of different bundles and colors, and pass them through the heat-shrinkable tube. After the fusion splicing is completed, the fiber splicing joint can be protected with a heat shrinkable tube.

3. Turn on the power of the fusion splicer and select a suitable splicing method.

There are two types of power supply for the fusion splicer, AC and DC, which should be switched on and off according to the type of power supply.

4. Prepare the fiber end face

The quality of the optical fiber end face will directly affect the splicing quality, so before welding, you must first make a qualified end face.

5. Place the optical fiber

Put the optical fiber in the V-shaped groove of the fusion splicer, carefully press the fiber clamp and the fiber clamp, set the position of the optical fiber in the clamp according to the cut length of the fiber, and put it into the windshield correctly.

6. Splicing optical fiber

After the button is pressed, the optical fibers move toward each other. During the movement, a short discharge is generated to clean the surface of the optical fiber. When the gap between the end faces of the optical fibers is suitable, the fusion splicer stops moving toward each other. The initial gap is set, and the fusion splicer measures and displays the cut. angle.

7. Coil the fiber and fix it

Reel the spliced optical fiber to the optical fiber storage tray, fix the optical fiber, storage tray, splice box, terminal box, etc., and the ODF distribution frame optical fiber fusion splicing is completed.

After reading the above content, you should be clear about how the optical fiber enters the ODF distribution frame, right? If you have a demand for patch panels, please contact email sales@hj-net.com for product order