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Interpretation of the difference between 8-core and 12-core MPO fiber optic Patch Cords

MPO optical fiber Patch Cord occupies an important position in the increasing optical communication due to its advantages of large number of cores, small size, and high transmission rate. It can meet the high-density wiring scheme of the data center. The number of fiber cores is different. Below, Kelan Communications will explain the difference between 8-core and 12-core MPO fiber optic Patch Cords.

The difference between 8-core and 12-core MPO fiber optic Patch Cords

In general, compared with the 8-core optical cable connection technology, the 12-core optical cable connection technology does have advantages in terms of the density of connector fibers used. Therefore, when using the 12-core optical cable connection technology, a large number of optical fibers can be installed faster.

However, due to the large number of 40G and 100G line deployments, and eight fiber transceivers are used in these lines, the advantage of keeping the number of fibers in the MTP backbone network connection technology consistent with the number of transceiver fibers is better than 12 fibers. The density advantage of fiber optic connectivity technology.

In addition, when using MTP to LC duplex breakout cables to connect to switch line cards, 8-fiber breakout cables can be easily routed to all common line card ports because the number of ports on all common line cards is divisible by the number four (Since the 8-conductor breakout Patch Cord provides four LC duplex connections). In the case of 12-conductor breakouts that provide six LC duplex connections, these breakouts cannot be easily routed to line cards with 16 or 32 ports because the numbers 16 and 32 are not divisible by the number six.

The following are the specific advantages of both 8-core and 12-core MPO fiber optic Patch Cords:

8 core advantage

1. The best choice for two-core optical fiber and eight-core optical fiber transceiver technology;

2. Ensure that the eight-core optical fiber transceiver system achieves 100% fiber utilization, and the conversion equipment from 12-core optical cable to 8-core optical cable will not increase additional cost and insertion loss;

3. The branch Patch Cord can be easily routed to the ports of all common line cards of the switch;

4. When making any connections in the link, only MTP Patch Cords without positioning pins are required;

5. It is the most flexible solution for 40G, 100G and 400G data transmission networks.

12 core advantage

1. The fiber usage density of each connector is higher than that of 8-core fiber;

2. Compatible with the large-scale core count of the existing 12-core optical fiber MTP deployment and installation.

Pinless MPO/LC fan-out, 0.9mm diameter, 12 cores, multimode OM3

The above is the interpretation of the difference and advantages of MPO optical fiber Patch Cord 8-core and 12-core. After we understand the difference between the two and their respective advantages, we must make a correct choice. Clan Communications provides all kinds of fiber optic Patch Cords, please contact sales@hj-net.com for product order.