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Why data centers cannot do without the blessing of LC-LC fiber patch cords

In recent years, the data center has continuously increased the bandwidth requirements of the network transmission system, which has also made the performance of the optical fiber patch cord continuously enhanced. According to different needs, the types are also increasing, such as: LC ultra-low insertion loss single-mode fiber patch cord Line, LC ultra-low insertion loss multimode fiber patch cord, LC one-tube dual-core fiber patch cord, LC bend-insensitive fiber patch cord, etc. Why is the data center inseparable from the support of LC-LC fiber patch cords?

Advantages of LC-LC fiber patch cord

(1) Compared with fiber patch cords with other interfaces, the interface of LC fiber patch cords can show excellent performance in most environments and can be applied to most environments, so it can bring great benefits in use convenience.

(2) From the detailed classification and applicability above, it can be seen that in terms of design and development, LC fiber patch cords are constantly improving their own performance, such as: ultra-low insertion loss, improved space utilization, simplified polarity conversion process, reduced Sensitivity, etc., continue to provide the best solution for high-density applications in data centers.

Data center level LC-LC fiber patch cord solution

(1) LC ultra-low insertion loss fiber optic patch cord

LC ultra-low insertion loss optical fiber patch cords can be divided into single-mode and multi-mode. Feisu (FS) ultra-low insertion loss single/multi-mode optical fiber patch cords are all connected with B-level connectors. B-level connectors can ensure ultra-low insertion loss, the most Excellent return loss, effectively reducing the bit error rate and ensuring the reliability of transmission. The reference data of class B connectors in IEC 61753-1 is the average value ≤0.12dB, the maximum value of more than 97% of the samples is ≤0.25dB, and the low insertion loss of flying speed (FS) 0.12 dB is a typical class B connector.

(2) LC one-tube dual-core optical fiber patch cord

A tube of dual-core optical fiber patch cord allows bidirectional transmission in a single fiber. Compared with conventional patch cords, it saves time and cost when performing fiber optic wiring, more flexible management, and more convenient wiring. Its unique design meets high Density application data center interconnects and cross-connects provide the best solution for private networks and internal installations. Fast (FS) one-tube duplex fiber optic patch cord adopts a special “circular duplex” patch cord, which provides the best insertion loss and callback loss to ensure the stability of its transmission. Its unique improvement on the traditional patch cord saves wiring space and enables flexible wiring.

(3) LC bend insensitive fiber optic patch cord

LC bend-insensitive fiber patch cord has the characteristics of low loss and high transmission rate, and the attenuation of the bending attachment in the long wavelength band is very small. Even if the bending radius is 7.5mm, the additional loss of the 1625nm window is only 0.8dB, which can fully meet the needs of small-sized optical fibers. Devices and high-density applications have special requirements for bending performance. The Flying Speed (FS) bend-insensitive fiber optic patch cord adopts a groove design to reduce fiber loss when the cable is bent. The quality, mechanical properties, and optical properties of its products have the same specifications as conventional optical fiber patch cords. In addition, when the cable is bent, it can also maintain the additional function of optical properties.

After reading the above content, you should know why the data center cannot do without the support of LC-LC fiber optic patch cords? Good products must be used in suitable projects. Please contact sales@hj-net.com for product order.