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It’s time to learn more about fiber optic pigtails

Fiber pigtails often appear in fiber optic terminal boxes to connect optical cables and fiber optic transceivers. Many people don’t know much about pigtails. Let’s follow the editor of Huijue to learn more about fiber pigtails.

Classification of fiber pigtails

Like fiber optic jumpers, pigtails are also divided into single-mode pigtails and multi-mode pigtails. They both have certain differences in color, wavelength and transmission distance. Generally speaking, the multi-mode pigtail is orange, the operating wavelength is 850nm, and the transmission interval is about 500m; the color of the single-mode pigtail is yellow, the operating wavelength is 1310m or 1550m, and its transmission interval is longer, about 10-40km . In addition, depending on the number of fiber cores, pigtails can be divided into single-core pigtails, 4-core pigtails, 6-core pigtails, 8-core pigtails, 12-core pigtails, 24-core pigtails, etc. Choose from different needs.

The use of fiber optic pigtails

One of the main functions of the pigtail is to connect. Optical fiber and pigtail connection, the bare fiber and the optical fiber pigtail in the optical cable are fused together to form a whole, while the pigtail has a separate optical fiber head, and the optical fiber and the twisted pair are connected by connecting with the optical fiber transceiver. Connected to the information socket. In the process of optical fiber fusion, the following main tools are commonly used: optical end boxes, optical fiber transceivers, pigtails, couplers, special wire strippers, optical fiber cutters, etc. There are five types of pigtails commonly used in the transmission system: SC/PC, FC/PC, LC/PC, E2000/APC, and ST/PC.

There are five types of pigtails commonly used in transmission systems:

FC-SC type, that is, the commonly known round-to-square pigtail. FC is connected to the ODF box, and SC is connected to the optical port of the device. This kind of fiber optic connector is widely used in the early SBS and Optix equipment.

FC-FC type, commonly known as round to round pigtails. It is generally used as a fiber jumper between ODF racks.

The SC-SC type, commonly known as square-to-square pigtail, is generally used for connecting optical boards between devices.

SC-LC type, LC interface is commonly known as small square pigtail, which belongs to snap-in connector. At present, Huawei OSN series equipment, ZTE S series equipment, including early Lucent WDM equipment, all use this kind of fiber optic connector.

The LC-LC type is generally used in the internal fiber connection between WDM equipment, and this application is relatively rare.

After reading the above content, I believe that everyone has a certain understanding of optical fiber pigtails. Huijue provides all kinds of fiber optic jumpers and pigtails. If you have any needs, please contact sales@hj-net.com.