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What is mpo fiber optic jumper? Why are mtp fiber optic connectors described as high performance mpo connectors?

MPO fiber optic jumper is a high-density fiber optic transmission jumper, which can be produced by processing MPO connectors and fiber optic cables. Connector type MPO end: MPO or MTP; branch end connector: FC, LC, SC, ST (customer’s choice). Fiber type Single-mode fiber optic cable, multimode fiber optic cable, 10 Gigabit fiber optic cable.

MPO fiber optic jumpers can be designed with 2~12 cores, up to 24 cores. The compact design of the MPO connector makes the MPO jumper more cores and smaller in size. MPO jumpers are widely used in the wiring process that requires high-density integrated optical fiber line environments, FTTX and 40/100GSFP, SFP+ and other transceiver modules or internal and external connection applications of equipment.

Types of Mpo Fiber Optic Patch Cords

MPO fiber optic jumpers are divided into transfer type and non-transition type. There are many types of transfer MPO fiber jumpers, including ribbon MPO fiber jumpers, bundled MPO fiber jumpers, and MPO fiber jumpers fanned out through splitters (round or square). The total length or branch length of the MPO jumper and other requirements are up to the customer to choose. All kinds of MPO fiber optic jumpers, MPO transfer jumpers, MTP types, MTP 10 Gigabit jumpers, multi-mode 10 Gigabit jumpers, MPO jumpers with splitters and other forms of MPO jumper products, all conform to Telcordia-GR-326 , IEC standards and Rohs requirements.

The reason why Mpo becomes a high-performance fiber optic connector

There are features on the mtp connector specifically designed to provide better performance and better usability over the generic mpo connector. These design features are unique to MTP and are protected by patents.


1. The mtp connector housing is removable.

2. MTP connectors provide hub floats to improve mechanical performance. This allows the two mated contacts to remain in contact despite the application of an external force. (US Patent 6085, 003)

3. The mtp connector adopts tight tolerance stainless steel oval rail pin tips. Oval guide pin tip improves guidance and reduces guide bore wear. (US Patent 686, 988)

4. The mtp connector has a metal pin clip with the function of centering the push spring.

5. The MTP connector spring design maximizes the ribbon gap for 12 fiber and multi-fiber ribbon applications to prevent fiber damage.

6. The mtp connector provides four standard strain relief actuation variations for greater flexibility compared to the cables used.