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Huijue Smart Micro Data Center

With the advent of the era of big data, industries such as cloud computing, mobile Internet, and the Internet of Things are booming, and the scale of data centers is increasing and showing a trend of polarization. There are more and more micro data centers at the end. Due to differences in geography, environment, and construction, the sporadic micro-data centers have been facing the dilemma of being difficult to plan, construct, and operate and maintain in a unified manner, which has brought great challenges to the rapid launch of services.

Huijue Smart Micro Data Center stores all infrastructure facilities such as power supply and distribution, cooling, monitoring and wiring into a fully enclosed IT cabinet, providing an unprecedented excellent working environment and reliable guarantee platform for the application scenarios of small and micro IT computer rooms. Supports multiple flexible deployment methods such as single cabinet and single row. It has the characteristics of high density and modularization, high reliability and availability, flexible configuration and rapid deployment, simple installation and green energy saving, and perfect intelligent monitoring. The integrated design of the IT hardware facilities of the data center is a specific product that has been put into practice, that is, the all-in-one machine (full name “integrated cabinet”)

Huijue Smart Micro Data Center adopts airtight smart cabinet, which is a micro data center application, with smart terminals as the core, and internally integrates the power distribution system, refrigeration system, fire protection system, access control system, monitoring system and other infrastructure necessary for the computer room. The airtight smart cabinet replaces engineering with products, which is simple and fast to install and use immediately; it separates the computer room from the environment, adapts to various application scenarios, is flexible in use, cost-effective, safe and reliable. the

Huijue Smart Micro Data Center is ready-to-install, shortens the construction period, greatly reduces construction costs, provides real-time remote operation control means, is airtight and dust-proof, and the entire cabinet is fully airtight, effectively isolating external dust, and providing a high-quality operating environment for equipment. The rack-mounted design of monitoring module, refrigeration module, power distribution module and UPS module is convenient for installation and flexible configuration. Huijue Smart Micro Data Center can flexibly expand capacity, support cascade expansion of 1~16 cabinets, configure air conditioners according to load capacity, match more application scenario requirements, and quickly deploy. All components are pre-fabricated in the factory, and only simple wiring is required on site. The cycle does not exceed 1 day, and the emergency is worry-free. The unique design of the circulating air duct uses the internal fan of the air conditioner connected to the UPS power supply to drive the circulation, and the air is delivered layer by layer in normal times. Huijue Smart Micro Data Center is intelligently managed and unattended. It is equipped with an intelligent management system as standard, which can monitor temperature and humidity, smoke detectors, door magnetism, and the operating status of smart devices in real time, and can use various channels such as interactive voice, WeChat, or webmail. Inform the administrator.