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Common application scenarios of lithium batteries (power tools)

As one of the important links of manufacturing capacity and industrialization, electric tools are the core tools in the field of manufacturing parts, and their development promotes the progress of the electrical industry. The market research report pointed out that the market size of the global electric tool industry is growing steadily, and the growth rate has been between 6% and 9% in recent years, with North America and Europe as the main markets.

Power tools greatly reduce labor intensity and improve work efficiency. They are widely used in national economic fields such as building roads, housing decoration, woodworking, metal processing, shipbuilding, aerospace, automobiles, gardening, etc., and have entered household use. Power tools are mainly divided into metal cutting power tools, grinding power tools, assembly power tools and railway power tools.

Compared with developed countries in Europe and America, the penetration rate of electric tools in my country is relatively low. However, with the continuous improvement of the living standards of Chinese residents and the continuous improvement of consumption levels, the penetration rate of electric tools in my country will gradually increase in the future, and the market space is broad. According to statistics, common electric tools include electric drills, electric hammers, grinders, angle grinders, cutting machines, electric planers, concrete vibrators, marble machines, jig saws, impact drills, electric wrenches, and electric screwdrivers.

1. Electric drill: a tool used for drilling metal materials, plastics, etc. When equipped with forward and reverse switches and electronic speed control devices, it can be used as an electric screwdriver. Some models come with a rechargeable battery.

2. Electric hammer: It is used for drilling holes in stone, concrete, artificial or natural stones, etc., and the functions of electric drills are interchangeable. SDS-PLUS drill chucks and drill bits are widely used for light drills, and SDS-MAX chucks and drill bits are used for medium and heavy hammer drills, and chisels can be clamped.

3. Grinder: A tool for grinding with a grinding wheel or a grinding disc, used for grinding wood. There are straight electric grinders and electric angle grinders. Sandpaper is required.

4. Angle grinder: Also known as grinder or disc grinder, it is mainly used for grinding steel, metal and stone. Commonly used grinding disc diameters are 100mm, 125mm, 180mm, 230mm.

5. Cutting machine: It is mainly used to cut aluminum and wood at different angles. It is divided into metal material cutting machine and non-metal material cutting machine. When using it, pay attention to the saw blade and wear goggles.

6. Electric planer: It is used for planing wood or wooden structural parts, and it can also be used as a small table planer when installed on a stand. The cutter shaft of the electric planer is driven by the motor shaft through the belt.

7. Concrete vibrator: It is used to compact concrete when pouring concrete foundation and reinforced concrete components. Among them, the high-frequency disturbance force of the electric direct-connected vibrator is formed by the rotation of the eccentric block driven by the motor, and the motor is powered by a 150Hz^200Hz intermediate frequency power supply.

8. Marble machine: Generally, it is used to cut stone. You can choose dry or wet cutting. The commonly used saw blades are: dry saw blade, wet saw blade, and wet and dry dual-purpose saw blade. Home improvement is used to cut wall and floor tiles.

9. Curve saw: mainly used for cutting steel, wood, plastic and other materials, the saw blade reciprocates or swings up and down, and is most suitable for cutting precise straight lines or curves.

10. Impact drill: Power tools mainly used for drilling hard materials such as masonry and concrete. When the impact mechanism is closed, it can also be used as an ordinary electric drill.

11. Electric wrench and electric screwdriver: Both electric wrench and electric screwdriver are used for loading and unloading threaded joints. The transmission mechanism of the electric wrench consists of a planetary gear and a ball spiral groove impact mechanism. The electric screwdriver adopts a jaw clutch transmission mechanism or a gear transmission mechanism.