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[Technical knowledge] Precautions for outdoor cabinet installation

Outdoor integrated cabinets are mainly used in the base station communication industry. Outdoor cabinets are mainly installed in the wild such as parks, roadsides, mountains, etc. Outdoor cabinets are generally assembled, so what should be paid attention to when installing outdoor integrated cabinets?

First of all, you need to know the relevant dimensions of the cabinet, and then check the shape of the equipment to ensure that it matches the selected bracket. A sturdy cabinet can hold nearly 500 pounds, so check out the tools used to get the equipment out, such as lift doors or carts. Brand-name cabinets usually have wheels on the underside, so you only need to load the equipment in and push the cabinet into place.

Measure the size of the room and the height of the ceiling, doors and elevators where the cabinet will pass. In addition, considering the various types of equipment in the cabinet, ensure that the cabinet is placed close to the power supply, network cable socket, and communication socket.

Check the angle at which the cabinet door opens when opening and closing the cabinet. Standard cabinet doors open on the right and the hinges on the left, of course the reverse cannot be ruled out. All doors and side panels shall be easy to open to facilitate maintenance.

Outdoor integrated cabinets

When users install equipment cabinets into an existing cabinet group, they can arrange the cabinets side by side in a row, which is safe and tidy. The best cabinet group models are fully expandable and come with all the necessary hardware to remove the cabinet side panels and screw the cabinets together to form a row.