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What functions does the precision column head cabinet have?

The precision column head cabinet is an AC/DC power distribution cabinet that comprehensively collects all energy data for data centers. This product provides high-precision measurement data for the terminal energy monitoring system. Through the display unit, it reflects the power quality data in real time and uploads it to the background control system through communication to achieve real-time monitoring of the entire power distribution system.

It is mainly used for important customers such as IDC data centers or industrial enterprises such as telecommunications, finance, government and IT, to provide power distribution for important equipment such as network servers, power distribution circuit protection, measurement, management, and computer grounding services for reliable power supply In the field of uninterrupted power supply with high security requirements, through modular prefabricated structure, standardized design concept, and humanized and convenient performance, it provides customers with tailor-made reliable power distribution products and service experience.

Functional characteristics of the precision head cabinet in the computer room:

(1) Advanced alarm function

Multi-layer alarm settings can prevent potential failures to ensure that measures are taken in advance to respond, and multi-layer alarm settings are made for parameters such as circuit overload, overvoltage, undervoltage, three-phase unbalance, isolation transformer overtemperature, and lightning protection failure. Through the cooperation of the display unit or the professional gateway, the alarm information can be notified to the manager at the first time through display, sound and light alarm, SMS and email. the

(2) Perfect monitoring system

Measure complete electrical information, provide effective management and risk warning for the power supply system, monitor the electrical parameters of up to 84 feeder circuits and 1 power supply line, and provide the current, power and harmony of the main power supply line and each branch circuit operation Wave and other complete information. The precision power distribution cabinet can cooperate with the leakage collection unit to realize the online leakage monitoring function, and at the same time cooperate with the temperature sensor accessory to monitor the temperature in the precision column head cabinet in real time, which improves the safety of the power supply system in the computer room. the

(3) Intelligent system monitoring

The operation and power management are more effective, allowing users to know the load operation status in a timely manner, and can realize the monitoring and alarm of each PDU power supply. Multi-layer alarm settings prevent potential power failures, which is convenient for users to find potential safety hazards early and avoid power distribution risks. . The alarm is comprehensive, realizes precise power distribution, and reduces local power failure accidents caused by user misoperation. The system can store 3,000 historical records and fault information locally. The data collection has strong real-time performance and provides key data analysis, which is convenient for users to analyze the cause of faults. the

(4) High precision, wide range

While providing accurate metering data, it can meet various needs and meet the monitoring of rack-mounted and blade-type server power supplies. A variety of feeder CT range options can reduce measurement errors. The branch circuit supports the circuit measurement requirement of 100A.

(5) High performance and high integration

Good performance and highly integrated products ensure a more stable and safe operation of the equipment. Through centralized processing of branch measurements, the product has a high degree of integration, and the size of the power measurement and acquisition device is small. Free installation in the space greatly enhances the installation capacity in the cabinet and the overall operation stability, making it more convenient for users to maintain later.