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The Application of Hall Sensor in the Precise Head Cabinet

The precision column head cabinet is a kind of intelligent power distribution cabinet, which collects all energy data for the energy end of the data center computer room. Provide high-precision measurement data for the terminal energy monitoring system, reflect the power quality data in real time through the display unit, upload the data to the background environment monitoring system through RS485 communication, and realize real-time monitoring and operation quality management of the entire power distribution system.

Precision column cabinets help users optimize network data centers, strengthen energy management, and improve the operating efficiency of server racks. It is mainly used for important customers such as various data centers or industrial enterprises to provide power distribution, power distribution circuit protection, metering and management for services such as computer grounding.

The role of Hall current sensors in precision column cabinets:

The precision column head cabinet adopts a multi-circuit monitoring device, which can not only measure incoming current, voltage, power, electric energy parameters, etc., but also monitor multi-branch current, leakage current, voltage, power, electric energy parameters, etc. At the same time, it can display accumulated electric energy and incremental electric energy, monitor system operating parameters, and comprehensively display through HMI to reduce the space occupation of the power distribution cabinet and increase the volume ratio of the power distribution cabinet. the

Hall current sensors can collect main incoming line current, multi-branch DC current and leakage current. The Hall current sensor converts the primary side DC current into an analog signal, outputs it to a multi-loop monitoring device, samples the analog signal, and calculates the magnitude of the measured current. the

Hall current sensors are mainly suitable for isolation and conversion of complex signals such as AC, DC, and pulse. Through the Hall effect principle, the converted signal can be directly collected by AD, DSP, PLC, secondary instrument and other acquisition devices, widely used in current monitoring and battery applications, inverter power supply and solar power management systems, DC screens and DC Motor drives, electroplating, welding applications, inverters, UPS servo control, etc. the

In 2020, data center construction will be officially included in the new infrastructure strategy. In recent years, the country has paid more and more attention to the fact that data centers are the basic guarantee for the orderly operation of new infrastructure, and are regarded as “new infrastructure infrastructure”.

In the “14th Five-Year Plan” and the 2035 vision and goal outline, Chapter 11 clearly states that “establish a national big data center system, strengthen the intelligent scheduling of computing capabilities, and build several national hub nodes and big data center clusters.”

The precision column head cabinet of the Hall current sensor has been officially put into operation in multiple data centers, collecting the power operation parameters of each power distribution equipment and electrical equipment in the data center, realizing multi-circuit online monitoring and fault alarm, and meeting the needs of most data centers .